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(Radiant Glory) 0 - Preface

RADIANT GLORY THE LIFE OF MARTHA WING ROBINSON By GORDON P. GARDINER Copyright © 1962 by Gordon Gardiner, 1987 by Robert D. Kalis and Paul Munsinger To the memory of My Mother and Father who dared to prove all things and to hold fast that which was good. PREFACE MARTHA WING ROBINSON was an unassumin... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 1 - The Path Blazer

True biography was never nor can be written. Fragrance cannot be put into picture or poem. There is a subtle, evasive savor and flavor about character which escapes both tongue and pen. And, more than this, the very best things about such characters and careers are unknown, save to God, and cannot b... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 10 - Christ the Healer

“GOD HAD, during this time of seeking, led me past the point of seeking healing only. I saw I needed the Healer, Christ Himself, His Life, His Fullness, in greater measure. But for many weeks after this one miracle of heal­ing, I apparently stood quite still. At this time God led me to the company o... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 11 - Viewing the Promised Land

NOW THAT MARTHA WING was healed, she lost no time in paying her vows to the Lord to go and work in His vineyard and so to “atone” for her “years of idleness.” Already there were in Davenport, Iowa, a few people interested in divine healing and the deeper truths of God. Two days after her return from... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 12 - With Signs Following

ON AUGUST 29, 1899, Miss Wing began work as the General Secretary of the Lend-a-Hand Club of Daven­port. This club had been organized by public-spirited citi­zens as a recreation and social center for the benefit of the working women of the city. Its motto, composed by Edward Everett Hale, well expr... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 13 - “Neither Shall the Flame Kindle Upon Thee"

"YOU HAD BETTER take the car and go right home!” Mr. Wheelock urged Miss Wing. He had just come into the Tri-City Electric store after learning that a terrible fire was raging through East Davenport and was swiftly sweep­ing northward toward the Mount Ida district of the city. Immediately he had tho... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 14 - In Treacherous Waters

IN PREPARATION for special services to be held in Sep­tember (1901) by a visiting minister, Miss Wing and the members of the congregation “distributed some thou­sands of notices.” “The meetings were full of blessing,” reported Miss Wing. “The interest gradually increased until, toward the close of t... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 15 - In Treacherous Waters

ONCE IN CHICAGO, Miss Wing was employed as a ste­nographer in the administrative offices of the church until the end of the year (1901). Then she was selected to be the secretary to Henry Stevenson, the manager of what was to be Zion City’s basic and largest manufac­turing concern, Zion Lace Industr... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 16 - A Shrew or a Doormat?

THE ROBINSONS went to Detroit, Michigan, to assume their ministerial duties on the first of September, 1905. Not only did they have charge of the congregation in that city but also of one in Toledo, Ohio, which necessitated much traveling between the two cities. Faithfully and ac­ceptably they minis... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 17 - Seeking Harder

ALTHOUGH MR. AND MRS. ROBINSON were blessed and used of God in their ministry in Detroit and Toledo, they were not satisfied. They were very busy for the Mas­ter, to be sure; they engaged in many works, but they did not see fruit commensurate with their efforts or such as is promised. Realizing that... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 18 - Discovering the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

IN SEPTEMBER, 1906, Mr. Robinson sent his wife to Zion City for a visit. Serious trouble had arisen in the church, and Mr. Robinson desired to know the true state of affairs. This, he felt, could be ascertained only by first-hand in­vestigation. Inasmuch as he did not feel free to leave the work in ... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 19 - Standing Upon the Rock

UPON HER RETURN to Detroit, Mrs. Robinson gave full reports, both of the conditions in the church and city and of the Pentecostal revival. Not a man to be easily or quickly persuaded of new light or experience, Mr. Robinson continued with the Zion Church, ministering to the flocks which had been ent... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 2 - In the Beginning

AT THE TIME of Martha Wing’s birth in 1874, Sand Spring, Iowa, was enjoying the heyday of its prosperity. A village of about five hundred inhabitants, it was the business center of a much larger, thriving farming community. As for industries, there were two wagon shops and factories for making broom... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 20 - The Call to Toronto

MR. ROBINSON HAD BEEN giving due consideration to the message of Pentecost, especially since his wife’s return to Detroit. He desired to have whatever God had for him, but he had not as yet been convinced of the scripturalness of this new teaching. Mrs. Robinson finally suggested that he go to Zion ... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 21 - That I Might Know Him

MRS. ROBINSON BEGAN her ministry in Toronto by taking a very careful inventory of her spiritual stock. In her journal, under date of March 5, she writes: “Praises to Thy precious Name! Thou hast redeemed me! Thou hast called me by name. Thou art mine. As I look over the written prayer offered a year... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 22 - In God’s Training School

NOW THAT MRS. ROBINSON had no ministerial responsi­bilities she gave herself entirely to prayer and waiting on God. “I thank God for a good day today, the well of water springing up,” she notes in her journal for July 18. “O Lord, how blessed! Very quiet in my experience just now. In one of the stil... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 23 - In Necessities

“‘THE LORD HAS been leading me in quiet ways,” Mrs. Robinson recorded in her journal, for August 16. “No marked testings, leadings, or experiences. Every door and avenue of service, except in quiet, unostentatious ways, closed. Just a waiting time while Harry has been earnestly seeking the baptism o... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 24 - The Manifestation of Christ

WHEN MRS. ROBINSON wrote the foregoing account, she and her husband had been residing in the home of Elder and Mrs. Brooks for about a month. Early in Septem­ber, Mrs. Brooks and her two children had gone to the home of friends on Georgian Bay so that she might have an oppor­tunity to recuperate fro... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 25 - “Moved Only as by Him”

SHORTLY AFTER Mrs. Robinson had had this great experience, her husband wrote Mrs. Brooks about it and suggested it would be well if she would return home. “When I arrived at my home in Toronto, I found the great presence of the Lord there,” recalled Mrs. Eugene Brooks. “God had come to our house. Mr... Read More

(Radiant Glory) 26 - The Gifts or the Giver?

“WOULD YOU be willing to be a failure for Me?” was the question which the Lord asked Martha Wing Robinson shortly after she and her husband had returned from the Brookses’ home to live again at her Aunt Mattie’s in December, 1907. Utterly consecrated and abandoned to God, she readily acquiesced in w... Read More

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