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Melody Green

Melody Green is a songwriter, musician, counselor, author, chaplain, and activist. Born into a Jewish family, she became a Christian in 1975 and wrote a number of songs which her husband Keith Green performed, including "Make My Life a Prayer to You" and "There is a Redeemer."
They bought a ranch in Texas and began Last Days Ministries in 1979. Melody has since then been the editor and a writer for Last Days Ministries Magazine.
In 1982 Keith died in a plane crash, along with two of their children.
In 1985 Melody founded Americans Against Abortion, and since has distributed over 20 million copies of her tract "Children...Things We Throw Away?"
She resides in Hollywood, CA, and continues to speak. She may be reached with inquiries at:
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Melody Green

Abortion: Attitudes For Action

Does this scene sound familiar to you? The enemy was at war with the Army of God and they picked their biggest guy to do the fighting. Not only did he stand nine feet, nine inches tall, but he was covered in bronze - from his helmet to his shin guards, with 125 pounds of armor in between. He carried... Read More
Melody Green

Being A Christian At Home

Dear Melody, "You are a very real Christian source and authority for my 16-year-old daughter, and I am very grateful... but (here it comes) I feel there are areas in which parents (this parent anyway) need your support and help. You do well in many areas of teaching - and so does the local church. B... Read More

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