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A Postscript unto the Reader

And now good Reader, I return again To talk with thee, who hast been at the pain To read throughout, and heed what went before; And unto thee I'le speak a little more. Give ear, I pray thee, unto what I say, That God may hear thy voice another day. Thou hast a Soul, my friend, and so have I, To save... Read More

A Prayer unto Christ

The Judge Of The World O Dearest Dread, most glorious King, I'le of thy justest Judgements sing: So thou my head and heart inspire, To Sing aright, as I desire. Thee, thee alone I'le invocate, For I do much abominate To call the Muses to mine aid: Which is th' Unchristian use, and trade Of some that... Read More

A Short Discourse on Eternity

[ 1 ] What Mortal man can with his Span mete out Eternity? Or fathom it by depth of Wit, or strength of Memory? The lofty Sky is not so high, Hells depth to this is small: The World so wide is but a stride, compared therewithall. Isa. 57:15 Mark. 3:29 Matt. 25:46 [ 2 ] It is a main great Ocean, with... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 1-25

[ 1 ] Still was the night, Serene and Bright, when all Men sleeping lay; Calm was the season, and carnal reason thought so 'twould last for ay. Soul, take thine ease, let sorrow cease, much good thou hast in store: This was their Song, their Cups among, the Evening before. The security of World befo... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 101-125

[ 101 ] Nor from true faith, which quencheth wrath, hath your obedience flown: Nor from true love, which wont to move Believers, hath it grown. Your argument shews your intent, in all that you have done: You thought to scale Heav'ns lofty Wall by Ladders of your own. [ 102 ] Your blinded spirit, hop... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 126-150

[ 126 ] To whom the Lord returns this word: O wonderful deceits! To cast off aw to Gods strict Law, and fear mens wrath and threats. To fear hell-fire and Gods fierce ire less than the rage of men, As if Gods wrath, could do less scath than wrath of bretheren. They were answered. Luke 12:4-5 Isa 51:... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 151-175

[ 151 ] You, sinful Crew, no other knew but you might be elect; Why did you then your selves condemn? why did you me reject? Where was your strife to gain that life which lasteth evermore? You never knock'd, yet say God Lock'd against you Heav'ns door. II Pet 1:10 Acts 13:46 Luke 13:24 [ 152 ] 'Twas... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 176-200

[ 176 ] You think if we had been as he, whom God did so betrust, We to our cost would ne're have lost all for a paltry Lust. Had you been made in Adam's stead, you would like things have wrought, And so into the self-same wo, Your selves and yours have brought. Matt 23:30-31 [ 177 ] I May deny you o... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 201-224

[ 201 ] Ye sinful wights, and cursed sprights, that work Iniquity, Depart together from me for ever to endless Misery; Your portion take in yonder Lake, where Fire and Brimstone flameth: Suffer the smart, which your desert as it's due wages claimeth. The Judge pronounceth the Sentence of condemnatio... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 26-50

[ 26 ] All stand before their Saviour in long white Robes yclad, Their countenance full of pleasance, appearing wondrous glad. O glorious sight! Behold how bright dust heaps are made to shine, Conformed so their Lord unto, whose Glory is Divine. Rev 6:11 Philip 3:21 [ 27 ] At Christ's left hand the ... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 51-75

[ 51 ] The wicked are brought to the Bar, like quilty Malefactors, That oftentimes of bloody Crimes and Treasons have been Actors. Of wicked Men, none are so mean as there to be neglected: Nor none so high in dignity, as there to be respected. The wicked brought to the Bar. Rom 2:3, 6, 11 [ 52 ] The... Read More

The Day of Doom Stanzas 76-100

[ 76 ] To whom the Lord thus in a word returns a short reply, I never knew any of you that wrought iniquity. You say y'have been my Presence in; but friends, how came you there With Raiment vile that did defile and quite disgrace my Cheer? Is Answered. Luke 13:27 Matt 22:12 [ 77 ] Durst you draw nea... Read More

To The Christian Reader

Reader, I am a fool; And have adventured To play the fool this once for Christ, The more his fame to spread. If this my foolishness Help thee to be more wise, I have attained what I seek, And what I onely prize. Thou wonderest perhaps, That I in Print appear, Who to the Pulpit dwell so nigh, Yet com... Read More

Vanity of Vanities

A Song of Emptiness To Fill up the Empty Pages Following Vain, frail, short liv'd, and miserable Man, Learn what thou art when thine estate is best: A restless Wave o'th' troubled Ocean, A Dream, a lifeless Picture finely drest: A Wind, a Flower, a Vapour, and a Bubble, A Wheel that stands not still... Read More

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