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A Continuous Revival

Taken from the Alliance Weekly - February 3, 1951 We present here the first of two remarkable articles on revival by Norman P. Grubb . . . Mr. Grubb is successor to C. T. Studd us director of the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, and as such has sought to maintain the same spirit that has made that ... Read More


No! No! Praise God I know many of us agree there, it is a present-tense rest. But that bothered me more than it does now because I hadn’t a resting life. I didn’t rest in my works. Brothers and sisters, I am absolutely sure of this as a missionary secretary: I don’t want to be unkind, but I think 75... Read More


And in the final eternity, when even the Son becomes subject to the Father and hands over to the Father “that God may be all in all.” I Cor. 15:28. Pretty extreme, isn’t it? I like to emphasize this as an extreme Book—it entitles us to live an extreme life and preach an extreme message. Praise His N... Read More

Biblical Teaching

I pointed out to you also the stages of Christian growth plainly outlined to us in God’s Word, suggesting too that God’s Word shows us that there are three phases which are to be experienced as well as mentally apprehended. Infancy, adolescence, and adulthood—the infant being in the condition in whi... Read More

C.T. Studd

And they used to try to get old Studd home from the Mission Field. He said, “God sent me out here. When God tells me to go home I’ll go home. Well, he’s gone home up that way instead. But he said this, “Look here, I will come home on one condition. I’ll come home from Central Africa to England for t... Read More

Divine Madness

I don’t think there is that intensity that I was brought up under. I was brought up under C. T. Studd for 10 years. I think there is a need for greater intensity. There is joy in this life, but there is something more. But the mystery and the paradox and the glory of the Gospel is that the very inte... Read More

Early Testimony

When I was in the British army, God very plainly called me (though I'd planned another career) to join a little independent missionary group just starting in Africa. But I wasn't there very long before I deeply felt my inadequacy. It wasn't that I was lukewarm for Jesus Christ; it wasn't that I had ... Read More

From Confusion to Clarity

What a world of sad and frustrating confusion exists for us while we live in a world where duality governs our outlook. The moment comes to each of us in God’s special way for the individual. It is a distorted life of disease and unrest, while we see with double vision. Is God really in charge of af... Read More


The Lord gave me a wonderful text when I entered in by God’s grace into the first stages of understanding here. He gave it to me when I had to take up new responsibility in this mission from the time our founder died. I was very young for that kind of work then and I remember how the Lord gave me a ... Read More


He has come to manifest the victory that One wrought out on Calvary and bring it into life. I don’t know about you, but I can’t let myself off by saying, “I’ll sow and somebody else will reap in the next generation. I prefer the outlook of Jesus when He dealt with an impossible woman who was an adul... Read More


May I say this—for I shall repeat it later on—it comes somewhat into that same category of acts and ways. It’s one thing to experience. It’s another thing to be able to expound your experience and, lead other people into it. It’s one thing for ourselves to see something even in a small way mentally.... Read More


Taken from the Alliance Weekly - February 17, 1951 Two weeks ago, in our issue for January 27, Mr. Grubb discussed the possi­bility and necessity of a continuous revival, both individual and corporate. A. W. Tozer In my previous article I told you something of what the Lord has been teaching me rece... Read More

Revival Today

The Holy Spirit in the earthly Body of Christ has always been God’s continuous answer to the assaults of Satan. He is now in His Body, ever seeking to release Himself in power through His people. And that is another way of speaking revival. We believe that God’s answer to Satan today is constant, wo... Read More


James—I may speak a little later about James? James is a friend of mine. He wasn’t of Luther’s, but he is of mine. He is a holy man, James. Oh, he’s a holy man. He knew a great deal more of holiness perhaps than some of his critics. He is full of perfection, “perfect patience,” “perfect law of liber... Read More

The Central Secret of Union

The central secret of all history is the union of the creature and the Creator. Not just the Creator. Certainly not just the creature. But the union. We’ve found the whole meaning of life in time and eternity when we’ve found that. It’s probably beyond intelligible apprehension by the finite mind, a... Read More

The Eternal Duality

Letter to Norman and his response regarding the use of the expression “Christ as me” and “Christ as you. Editors Note: There is no question that puzzles and upsets newer readers of UNION LIFE more than our frequent use of the expression “Christ as me,” (which obviously has implications that go a lot... Read More

The Sole Pupose of Creation

The basis of all I have written is the one and only foundation of all truth: that there is only one Person in the universe—God, “The All in all”—and that therefore the whole universe, things or people, is nothing but dependent, derivative forms of the “in all” of “God All in all.” When, therefore, w... Read More

Total Truth

I never let the devil tell me I am dry. How can I be dry in soul when I keep a permanent well of water inside—the Spirit springing up unto everlasting life? I never let the devil tell me I’m hungry and need spiritual nourishment. I have permanent loaves and permanent water inside me —the Bread of Li... Read More

True Discipleship

We have no right to divide Christians into two categories the saved and the sanctified, the average and the ardent, the believer and the follower. Jesus did not, nor did Paul. Jesus simply presented those who thronged Him with one standard, that was all: for conduct, the Sermon on the Mount; for cos... Read More

True Seeing

There are such subtleties in the discernment between good and evil that it is only the mature, who by reason of use by exercise and experience, are able to discern. That is linked up in the previous chapter where it refers to, “For the Word of God is quick, and powerful and sharper than any two-edge... Read More

Group of Brands