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Covet God’s Strict Dealings With You

God deals very strictly with His children in matters of mortification. The more mature a believer becomes, the more ruthless God is in detecting unchristlikeness within the believer’s vessel. His strictness begins to require immediate resolve. This is because there is a war going on that you and I c... Read More

Essentials of Mortification: Resting and Conquering

Have you ever wondered how God’s method of overcoming sin works within the believer? The battle that rages within and without the child of God is a purely spiritual one; one that is replete with angelic fighting and invisible weaponry. If our eyes could be opened to see even a moment’s glimpse of th... Read More


At the funeral home where I work, we sell two types of caskets: the sealers and the non-sealers. The “sealers” have a rubber gasket along the length of the lid that is designed keep the casket air-tight when closed. The “non-sealers” have no gasket at all. The gasket works by suction, by metal sucti... Read More

God’s Method of Deliverance

The way God delivers a believer from sinful habits is quite unorthodox when compared to the logic and ways of man. Man’s way is to grit his teeth and exercise willpower and keep a stiff upper lip in the midst of abstaining from a darling lust. He memorizes mantras of scripture to recite in the heat ... Read More

Heart Wars

If the new heart promised by God in the Old Testament, and given to us through Christ in the New Covenant can become corrupt, it is because of a stronghold that has been established and the root is bringing forth its corruption, and not because of sin just springing up within it intrinsically. I am ... Read More

How Your Ministry Can Become an Oasis

When we categorically mortify temptation and yield not to the urgings of our flesh by the grace of the Spirit, we enter into a blessed realm of God’s peace, joy and protection. If our conscience remains undefiled, our hearts can draw confidence to enter into God’s presence without any hindrance (I J... Read More

Mortification Leads to Transparency

To be transparent is to walk with an undefiled conscience and pure heart. Walking in a state of repentence and mortification ensures such transparency, because both are predicated upon honesty – the one thing God values above all else in His saints. Dear saint, it doesn’t matter how many times you’v... Read More

Mortify All Satanic Seductions

We often become discouraged in the on-going warfare of flesh mortification. This is because Satan is a master strategist, and he knows exactly when to hit you with a missile to maximize the potential for damage. The powers of darkness have studied your life in detail; they know your weaknesses, your... Read More

Mortify the Mind

The unrenewed mind can be likened as unto a landing strip for the cargo of Satan, which once inducted and embraced, proceed to generate fleshly rebellion in our members in defiance to God’s law. The powers of darkness wage careful attacks with the goal to infiltrate our thoughts and steer our medita... Read More

Mortify the World

The world we live in has an invisible system behind it. This system is governed by spiritual rulers in high places that are the embodiment of perfect evil. These powers and principalities have infiltrated the earth and have exacted their diabolical influence upon all the progeny of humankind since A... Read More

Object Lessons in Mortuary Science

It really is startling how many illustrations and spiritual parallels one can find with the things of God and mortuary science and thanatochemistry. God has often given me the most wonderful revelations on scripture while embalming. My profession certainly affords me a wholly unique slant on certain... Read More

Quenching the Fiery Darts of Satan

Paul warned Timothy that everyone who endeavored to live a godly life would suffer persecution (II Timothy 3:12). Undoubtedly, the bulk of this persecution comes not only from physical entities, but from spiritual ones as well. That’s because we wrestle not against anti-Christian governmental author... Read More

Resist the Intrusions

Resist ungodly intrusions that seek to enter your mind and stir your flesh to action. God will call for a cease fire and reward you greatly if you continue to stand fast in Christ. The only way the powers of darkness can get you to yield to temptation is if you ungird your mind and let them in. This... Read More

Spiritual Forensics

As we sojourn throughout this world as children of God, a battle to revert us back into our pre-conversion bondage is constantly being waged within our minds. The mind of a believer is like a computer database, with thousands of files surfacing within it throughout the day. Some of these files are c... Read More

Surprise Examinations

The Lord’s tests often come upon us suddenly, at times when our minds are lax and reclining. The dart fired at David as he looked upon Bathsheba was strategically timed. The enemy will also fire darts at you at the most opportune time. When it comes time for a test, the Lord will permit the powers o... Read More

The Conception of Lust

One of the most important things a Christian must learn after coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is how to control the activity of his mind. A person may have a correct understanding of the love of God and the power of Christ’s blood to restore and redeem, but if the mind is left unruly an... Read More

The Essentials of Mortification: Soul and Spirit

Would you live this day before the face of God in unbroken communion? Resolve then not to judge the integrity of your relationship with Him by the dictates of soul. If you gauge your communion with Him by the soul, you will invariably receive inaccurate readings and be tempted unto depression. It is... Read More

The Gates of Death

Dear Christian, do you each day enter the gates of death that you might find life? If you profess to follow Christ Jesus, this is where the Spirit will always lead you. Many imagine God’s Spirit to lead the believer down a flowery, sunlit path of effortless living, of soul-happiness and physical con... Read More

The Mortifying Power of Scripture

Scripture, when hid in the heart by faith, is the sole weapon ordained by God for the diffusion of temptation in the flesh. It is a sword that grows with the soldier. A babe is able to slay a giant with it; a seasoned believer wielding the Word of God can banish a legion of devils and tread over all... Read More

When God Corrects You

When the Lord tests our hearts, there will be times when we fall short and miss the mark. Our response to the Lord’s chastening during these moments is very important. Conviction is used by God to foster within us a sense of value when we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit; when we fail to heed His v... Read More

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