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Phillip Bennett Power

Reverend Philip Bennett Power (1822-1899) was a prolific writer of evangelical tracts. He was born in Waterford in Ireland and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, then ordained. He moved to England, and began a career as a clergyman first in Leicester, then in London with two years at Holloway followed by seven as the incumbent of Woburn Chapel. He was the vicar of Christ Church for ten years. He published over a hundred collections of short religious tracts and individual longer tracts between 1864 and 1894. His works include: The Last Shilling; or, The Selfish Child: A Story Founded on Fact (1853), Breathings of the Soul (1855), 'I Will': The Determinations of the Man of God, as Found in Some of the 'I Wills' of the Psalms (1859), The Lost Sunbeam, the Shady Tree, the Woven Sunbeams (1866), Born With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth (1870), 'He's Overhead' (1871), The Oiled Feather (1871), The Feet of Jesus in Life, Death, Resurrection, and Glory (1872) and The One Moss-Rose (1872)
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Phillip Bennett Power


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