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01 - Acknowledgements

Every New Testament Epistle is full of acknowledgments1 of believers who were in different cities and those who were laboring hard in the Lord. The names of those who have had a part in this volume are too numerous to mention. To all those who labored in editing, revising, suggesting and offering yo... Read More

02 - Foreword

There is only one house that will stand in the coming storm, and only one people who will not be swept away in a flood of last-day deception. There is only one temple that God will fill with His indescribable glory, and only one lighthouse that will forever shine as a pure testimony of God’s saving ... Read More

03 - Preface

This volume has been developed out of a burden to see vital gatherings of God’s people established in these last days.13 The time of pressure and persecution that is coming worldwide will be such that it will demand the unity of the true body of Christ. For in the Gospel of Matthew it is declared by... Read More

04 - Introduction Letter

Dear saints scattered abroad,19 Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. To all who are reading this book, called to be saints and beloved of God, grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. With such powerful modern movements of the Spirit such as the house... Read More

05 - Principle 1 Solely Looking to the Person of Jesus Christ

We need the kind of humility that was expressed in the early Church as recorded in the Book of Acts. This kind of humility is today manifested in many underground and persecuted Churches across the world because they have dealt the death blow to pride and independence.39 These persecuted believers h... Read More

06 - Principle 2 Where 2 or 3 are Gathered Together

The genesis of a Church in Scripture is seen in this simple statement of our Lord: “For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them.”56 A gathering of believers where the Lord Jesus is present is the Church, even if there are only two or three believers there. When believers gather in... Read More

07 - Principle 3 God’s People Scattered in Sects

We see the beginning of a movement where God is waking up many of His sheep to hear His voice in the midst of the noise and rustle of the denominational confusion. God never intended His Church to be divided,72 confused and led back and forward with every wind of doctrine. “Then we will no longer be... Read More

08 - Principle 4 God Directed Churches Needed

We can take heed to the admonition given by the Psalmist: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”85 If we attempt to start a Church gathering without the calling of the Lord, the entire endeavor can be in vain. If the Church model is not built solely upon the Word of God then... Read More

09 - Principle 5 The Book of Acts Our Example

Almost every denomination and Christian movement has begun with a desire to get back to the model and example found in the Book of Acts.94 Those that are Biblically building the Church and being led of the Lord are invariably drawn back to this Apostolic example which God has preserved for us. We ha... Read More

10 - Principle 6 Not Depending On or Needing Buildings

One of the things you do not find in the Book of Acts is the reliance on church buildings. Yet in almost every Christian circle and denomination, there is an emphasis upon building the church, not that “the body of Christ may be built up”112 but rather the building of an actual structure that we ref... Read More

11- Principle 7 The People of God Are the Church

Considering Church history and the moving of God’s Spirit in many groups that stood for the truth, a house Church or small gathering of believers is not so radical. Rather, gathering in this way is a preferred Biblical approach, especially when the Church is under persecution. If it was important to... Read More

12 - Principle 8 Taking a Stand For the Testimony of the Church

“In the various crises that have occurred in the history of the church, men have come to the front who have manifested a holy recklessness that astonished their fellows. When Luther nailed his theses to the door of the cathedral at Wittenburg,135 cautious men were astonished at his audacity. When Jo... Read More

13 - Principle 9 The Early Apostles Didn’t Seek After Money

Christianity is not about money, it’s about people. Sadly modern Christendom has been overwhelmed with the salesman who sells Christ as ware and treats the holy things as a way to profit financially.150 It does not take much discernment for the worldly person to see the counterfeit preacher on TV wh... Read More

14 - Principle 10 Preaching the Good News

All Christian service is based on the finished work of Christ.176 The early Apostles did not go around preaching a Gospel of works177 or a message of believers needing to do so much178 to enter heaven but rather all godly living179 was out of appreciation of the mercy of God. “Therefore, I urge you,... Read More

15 - Principle 11 Leading is Serving in Humility

Though there is leadership in the Book of Acts, the examples we find are of those who serve the body of Christ. A gathering of believers is still an Assembly even if there is no defined servant leader. As the fellowship grows in the Lord, the Spirit will gift certain men as shepherds.199 The 12 Apos... Read More

16 - Principle 12 Jesus Christ: The Head of the Church

The Headship of Jesus Christ was not just a doctrine or an idea to the early Apostles but rather a present reality to them. The Lord was the active Head of the Church. They realized it was His Church and everything was done in His Name for Him and through Him.224 This apostolic dependency on the per... Read More

17 - Principle 13 A Growing Vibrant Movement

The early Church was a growing movement of multiplying house Churches.240 God was adding to the number daily such as would be saved241 and there were many being saved through the preaching of the Gospel. Radical evangelism was not an option in the early Church but the only logical response to the gr... Read More

18 - Principle 14 Making Disciples Not Just Converts

Many evangelicals in our day simply believe that to have someone confess Christ with their lips is fulfilling the great commission.257 There are great campaigns to simply have people say a quick prayer and make confession. Though salvation begins with this confession that Jesus Christ is Lord258 yet... Read More

19 - Principle 15 Not Pleasing Men but God Alone

We must always in our walks with Jesus Christ keep our eyes on the Lord and seek to please Him alone. The fact is that we belong to Jesus Christ. He has redeemed us with His precious blood and therefore we are not our own.272 This is a liberating truth if we can realize that all we do is in the clea... Read More

20 - Principle 16 The Church Was Birthed in Prayer

Prayer is not just one of the functions added to an Assembly meeting, it needs to be the life and atmosphere of a New Covenant gathering under the Headship of Christ. The Church was birthed in prayer. It was sustained in prayer. When they were persecuted they called a prayer meeting.285 Prayer was t... Read More

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