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A Call to Balance!

One of the greatest needs in Christian life and ministry is BALANCE. A. W. Tozer said, "Truth is like a bird: it cannot fly on one wing!" I had a problem in my left ear and the doctors called it Menier’s disease. That at times caused imbalance and it was terrible. Truth is parallel. Dr.Campbell Morg... Read More

Arms to give Alms!

Reading: Psalm 41 "He who has pity on the poor, lends to the Lord; He will pay him back what he has given" (Prov 19:17) Here's a prayer to make our hands a blessing to others— "Heavenly Father, open my hands! "Your hands are always open. Hands of welcome and blessing. You manifested it perfectly whe... Read More

Be a Bible Student!

The greatest gift of God to man, next to His Son and His Spirit, is the HOLY SCRIPTURES. Dr.Oswald J.Smith observed, Our attitude towards the Scriptures settles everything. All that we see today are temporal, but with one exception—the Bible! Heaven and earth shall pass away but God’s Word shall rem... Read More

Holy Spirit: A luxury or a necessity?

Because the Holy Spirit is mentioned third in the Godhead, He is treated as a "third" person by Christians. We do not realize that He is God — equal with the Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus. He is not a mere force or power, but a Person. God the Father is in Heaven. God the Son is seated at the Fa... Read More

How much Time for the Bible?

To produce one tablespoon of honey, the little bee makes 4200 trips to flowers. It makes about 100 trips a day to the fields, each trip lasting 20 minutes average and 400 flowers! Wow! When my eyes hit this piece of astounding information in a book of illustrations, my mind instantly switched on to ... Read More

How to Stay Young

Everybody wants to live long, but nobody wants to get old. Eventhough ageing cannot be avoided, people try to hide it. Hair dye is one of the fast-selling cosmetics! "Old" people prefer to be called as "senior" citizens! It’s an instinct in man to stay and appear young. At 58 this year (2004) though... Read More

How to Test Doctrines

Francis Schaeffer, that great Christian thinker, asserted, "If we do not make clear by word and practice our position for truth and against false doctrine, we are building a wall between the next generation and the gospel!" The very first message of Paul to Timothy was, "Command... men not to teach ... Read More

Joy of the Lord

The Bible repeatedly commands us to “rejoice in the Lord” (Phil 3:1; 4:4). These are actually the words Apostle Paul wrote from inside the prison to the Christians in Philippi. It’s usually the visitors to prisons who would encourage the inmates. But here we see the other way round! That’s what poin... Read More

Love is Patient!

The famous Love Chapter in the Bible, even 1 Corinthians 13, lists fifteen characteristics of love (vv 4-7). Most interestingly the very first manifestation is patience. "Love is patient!" I believe that the order of mention in the Scripture is also inspired by God. Shall we say that patience is the... Read More

Missionary Call

Moses was a soldier and God called him to lead His people out of Egypt! David was a shepherd and God called him to rule His people! Amos was a shepherd too and God called him to be a prophet! Jesus was a carpenter and He was called to fulltime ministry at the age of thirty! Peter was a fisherman and... Read More

R. Stanley Quotes

"Unless" and "until" are the two keywords of the Kingdom of God. "Unless" you are born of the Spirit, you cannot enter the Kingdom. "Until" you are baptized with the Spirit, you cannot expand the Kingdom. All believers in Christ are theologians. But all theologians are not necessarily believers. The... Read More

Secrets of Soulwinning

Soulwinning is the greatest job on earth. "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" (Mk 8:36). Soulwinning is the wisest business in the world. For who is wiser than he who prepares his neighbour for eternity? (Prov 11:30; Dan 12:3). Soulwinning is the happ... Read More

Temptations and Blame-shifting

God’s will for His people is absolute victory. But there is no victory without battle. Martin Luther testified, "My temptations have been my Masters in Divinity!" Matthew Henry, the great Bible Commentator, observed, "The best of saints may be tempted to the worst of sins!" John Wycliffe, the Star o... Read More

The Purpose of Pentecost

Gone are the days when the Baptism with the Holy Spirit was considered a denominational experience. The number of opponents of the Pentecostal truth is on the decline. Recent years have witnessed a number of renowned leaders and theologians of non-Charismatic persuasion changing their position as th... Read More

Traits of a genuine Bible Teacher

1. He makes people fall in love with the Word of God rather than attracting them to himself. His students see that the Bible alone is infallible, whereas their teacher however sincere is fallible (Rom 3:4; Acts 17:11; Lk 18:18,19). 2. He teaches God’s Word without fear or favour. He is aware that th... Read More

Waiting on God

In an age of fast food, electronic mail and instant everything, the art of waiting on God is disappearing fast. The modern generation may soon forget the spelling of patience. Even if a preacher may occasionally speak on patience, the trend of the times is such that the congregation will leave the s... Read More

What Faith Does

1. Faith obtains a good testimony. (v 2) 2. Faith understands the creative power of God’s Word. (v 3) 3. Faith offers to God the first and the best. (v 4) 4. Faith seeks to please God in everything. (v 5) 5. Faith believes that God answers diligent prayer. (v 6) 6. Faith takes God’s warnings serious... Read More

What to Speak when you Suffer

"Be slow to speak!" (Js 1:19). If patience is the mark of perfection, patience in words is the crown of a perfect life. Most of our troubles are due to our carelessness in words. Relationships are damaged by hasty and harsh words. Fellowship with God is also disturbed by impatient words. He is anger... Read More

Whatever happened to the Father?

A crack in the foundation will show up in the superstructure. Similarly any false doctrine can be traced to some deviation from the foundational truths of the Bible. One of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith that is ignored in practice, though not in theory, is the doctrine of Trinity.... Read More

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