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R.B. Jones

Forsaken - Wrath of God

The Bible is careful to call attention to the wrath of God. We read of His "hot anger" (Judg. 2:14), His "hot displeasure" (Deut. 9:19), and His "fiery indignation" (Heb. 10:27). "The wrath of God is revealed, coming, poured out, abiding, filled up in its awful fullness upon he ungodly." . . . In he... Read More
R.B. Jones

Jesus - "Father Forgive Them"

Golgotha is the place where the contrast between the Savior's heart of grace and man's heart of rebellion is most striking. Golgotha is the focal point of revelation and history and experience. There God did His best and man did his worst. There faith is justified, hope assured, and love conquers. C... Read More
R.B. Jones

Jesus - "It is Finished"

The sixth statement of Jesus is actually one word in the original Greek: tetelestai. Its full meaning is "It was finished and as a result it is forever done." A good translation would be: "It stands finished." It might well be expressed by the exclamation, "DONE!" if the idea of perfection is held i... Read More
R.B. Jones

Jesus Forsaken by God

In the agony of Jesus, then, we have a graphic indication of the nature of the torment of hell. If He was there in my stead, as my representative, doing business for me, then, the agony that He endured in the substitutionary process is the agony that I must endure in hell, if I refuse to allow Him t... Read More

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