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R.L. Dabney

A Course of Lectures on Preaching

This book was first published in 1870 with the title Sacred Rhetoric, then in 1979 was reprinted by the Banner of Truth Trust as R. L. Dabney on Preaching. Now the Banner of Truth has brought it back into print for a second time in this new edition, Evangelical Eloquence: A Course of Lectures on Pre... Read More
R.L. Dabney

Arminian Theory of Redemption

The subjects which are now brought under discussion introduce us to the very center of the points which are debated between us and Arminians. I propose, therefore, for their further illustration, and because no better occasion offers, to consider here their scheme. Sources of the Arminian Theology T... Read More
R.L. Dabney

Free Agency and the Will

Man a free agent, denied by two parties But is man a free agent? Many have denied it. These may be ranked under two classes, Theological Fatalists and Sensualistic Necessitarians. The former argue from the doctrine of God's foreknowledge and providence; the latter from the certainty, or, as it has u... Read More

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