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Objections To Calvanism - 1. Origin and Design of the Work

STAY, READER, FOR A moment. The author would speak with you. Some explanations may be of service before you commence the perusal of the following pages. They shall be brief and few. This book is the creature of circumstance. It had never existed, but for reasons over which the author himself had no ... Read More

Objections To Calvanism - 2. God's Eternal Decrees

IF THE READER HAS not considered the previous chapter, he will do himself a service to turn back and give it a perusal before he proceeds to read what follows. When one man proposes to discuss the opinions of another man or company of men, it is of first importance that he understand the opinions wh... Read More

Objections To Calvanism - 3. Election and Reprobation

WE SHALL NOW PROCEED to consider the doctrine of decrees with relation to election and reprobation particularly. And, as in the former case, we shall appeal to the Confession of Faith and to accredited Calvinistic authors. Our object is to know precisely what our Presbyterian brethren do believe. We... Read More

Objections To Calvanism - 4. The Atonement

IN THIS CHAPTER WE shall take up the Calvinian view of the atonement. What do Calvinists believe on this point? This question shall be answered by their Confession of Faith and their standard authors. The Confession of Faith says: Wherefore, they who are elected, being fallen in Adam, are redeemed b... Read More

Objections To Calvinism - 5. Effectual Calling

IN HARMONY WITH THE doctrine of election and reprobation, and limited atonement, and the unconditional salvation of all those for whom the atonement was made, is the doctrine of effectual calling and its cognates, which we shall now proceed to notice. Upon this point Calvinist deliver themselves wit... Read More

Objections To Calvinism - 6. Perseverance

IN THIS CHAPTER WE shall treat of the perseverance of the saints--a subject of scarcely inferior importance to those already considered. It falls in at this point naturally, and forms an indispensable part of this most wonderful system; for, certainly, whatever else may be said of Calvinism, it must... Read More

Objections To Calvinism - 7. The Heathen World

THE CALVINISTIC VIEW OF the heathen world, as it is peculiar in itself, and most appalling in its consequences, deserves a brief separate notice. It is thus stated in the Confession of Faith: Others not elected, although they may be called by the ministry of the Word, and may have some common operat... Read More

Objections To Calvinism - 7. The Heathen World

IN THE PRESENT CHAPTER we call attention more particularly to the Calvinian view of the will. This subject has been involved in former chapters, but it is of such importance as to demand separate and distinct treatment. What, then--it immediately becomes an important question--is the Calvinistic vie... Read More

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