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Avoiding the False Alarms of Prophetic Speculation

Certainly any war in the region has always the potential of acting as a catalyst bringing about the changes that prophecy requires. We certainly do expect a great transforming event sufficient to change and dramatically realign the political landscape of Israel at some soon point, and this may well ... Read More

Daniel As A Type of Godly Remnant

What follows began as an email that turned into an essay, long to read but critical to know. My trip to the south was put on hold, but I will be going through Vermont, upstate NY and on up into Ontario for some stops. I would especially appreciate your prayer for those days that begin the 21st of th... Read More

Israel's Inviolability - Truth or Myth?

A brief answer to a query on whether we can rightly and scripturally ‘expect’ that the Lord will safeguard the Land of Israel at this time. A fuller apologetic is expected. There is great confusion that exists among many concerning the present state of Israel. Many are confusing the distinct stages ... Read More

Israel's Present Situation in the Light of Prophecy

It is our view that the present status of Israel does not sufficiently conform to those conditions depicted in Daniel and the Olivet prophecy (Matthew 24) that would suggest an imminent fulfillment of the final events (e.g., deceptive peace through treaty with anti-Christ; compare Dan. 9:27; 11:23; ... Read More

On Evangelism in “Apocalyptic Evangelism”

believe we are using the word, “evangelism” in the apostolic sense of the word, which necessarily included the context of a revealed mystery to be made known to all nations by means of the prophetic scriptures. It is the gospel, the good news, the proclamation, but it is the gospel ‘according to’. A... Read More

One or Two Peoples of God? Reflections on the Mystery of Israel and the Church

he time of the rapture is really a secondary outgrowth of dispensationalism’s distinctive doctrine of the church, which derives from their own peculiar and novel view of the mystery. It is a false view of the mystery that supports a false view of the nature of the church, which supports dispensation... Read More

Preterism's Achille's Heel

The cornerstone of replacement theology is ‘Preterism,’ - “the belief that holds that the Tribulation prophecies occurred in the first century [A.D.], and thus are past” (Kenneth Gentry). The hallmark of Preterism is its denial of the futurity of ‘the great tribulation’ (specifically Mt 24:21). But ... Read More

Prophetic Call to Practical Preparation

Open Letter Dear Brother, I am most grateful for the two emails, very sobering, yet edifying in the assurance that God will do nothing except He reveal His intention to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). I believe you are seeing something that significantly coincides with my own impressions conce... Read More

Reflections on the Historic Impasse between Church and Synagogue

Israel: The Key to History The history of Israel is the history of miracle, even as it is the miracle of history. (Adoph Saphir) Israel is a sign and witness to the spirit of prophecy. The hope of Israel is sustained by a unique philosophy of history issuing from an inspired prophetic consciousness ... Read More

Some Thoughts on "Keeping the Law" or "Torah Observance"

Certainly for Paul, keeping the commandments in a true and living way was the equivalent of a new creation (in the sense of its sure and necessary evidence). This is clearly seen when 1 Cor 7:19 and Gal 6:15 are compared in juxtaposition. But the ‘keeping of the commandments’ is never the cause, but... Read More

The Mystery of Iniquity

ardly enough could be said about Gen 3:15. It is the seed bed, not only of the gospel but of the whole comprehensive mystery of God that is finished with the 7th trumpet (Rev 10:7). The two seeds establish the two lines of men by which the plan of redemption can be traced from beginning to end. It i... Read More

Why the Jew?

An email to a correspondent concerning a previous message on “The Tents of Shem.” ...Your comments have come on the heels of some recently revived discussion over Art Katz's controversial use of the term "to bow" in order to enter into the 'tents of Shem.' I would like to suggest another important a... Read More

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