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1900 - 1940

3. Early Twentieth Century 1904 - Monday 31 October - Loughor, Wales (Evan Roberts) 1906 - Saturday 14 April - Azusa Street, Los Angeles (William Seymour) 1907 - January - Pyong-Yang, Korea 1914 - Belgian Congo in Africa (C. T. Studd) 1921 - Monday 7 March - Lowestroft, England (Douglas Brown) 1936 ... Read More

1950 - 1970

4. Mid-twentieth Century 1949 - Hebrides Islands, Scotland (Duncan Campbell) 1951 - Monday 4 June - City Bell, Argentina (Ed Miller) 1965 - Sunday 26 September - Soe, Timor (Mel Tari) 1970 - Tuesday 3 February - Wilmore, Kentucky (Asbury College) 1970 - July-August - Solomon Islands (Muri Thompson) ... Read More

1970 - 1990

5. Late Twentieth Century 1977 - Thursday 10 March - Min District, Papua New Guinea (Diyos Wapnok) 1979 - Wednesday 14 March - Elcho Island, Australia (Ginijini Gondarra) 1979 - Sunday 13 May - Anaheim, Los Angeles (John Wimber) 1984 - Thursday 14 June - Brugam, Papua New Guinea (Ray Overend) 1988 -... Read More

1990 - 1997

6. Final Decade, Twentieth Century 1993 - Sunday 2 May - Brisbane, Australia (Neil Miers) 1994 - Thursday 20 January - Toronto, Canada (John Arnott, Randy Clark) 1994 - Sunday 29 May - Brompton, London (Eleanor Mumford) 1994 - Sunday 14 August - Sunderland, England (Ken Gott) 1995 - Sunday 1 January... Read More

A City In Sackcloth

The repentance of Nineveh was the result of a special and unique outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. This is the Pentecost of the Old Testament, for, humanly speaking, no soil could be less promising than the hearts of these men of Nineveh. Their minds were sharpened by extensive commerce; their consci... Read More

A Rushing Wind: An Exerpt from- No Compormise: The Life Story of Kieth Green

Rushing Wind - an excerpt from No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green By Melody Green One evening, in February 1979, Keith was poking through his bookshelf - pulling books out, scanning a few pages, then putting them back. I noticed that he kept at it, until one book seemed to capture his inte... Read More

A Tender Heart

A Tender Heart by G.D Watson Without tenderness of spirit the most intensely righteous, religious life is like the image of God without His beauty and attractiveness. It is possible to be very religious, and stanch, and persevering in all Christian duties, even to be sanctified, and be a brave defen... Read More

American in Crisis

America's Spiritual Crisis Erwin W. Lutzer Despite its foundational Christian heritage, America is rapidly degenerating into a godless society. The church in America, although highly visible and active, appears powerless to redirect the rushing secular currents. Mired in a moral and spiritual crisis... Read More


Argentina The move of the Spirit in Argentina in the 90's This is an excerpt from "A History of the Revival of 1992 - 1995" by Richard Riss Karin Detert of Berlin, Germany, visited Argentina for three weeks, then later returned for another three months. While visiting King's Church in Thanet, U.K., ... Read More

Azuza Street: The Fire that Could not Die.

Azusa Street: The Fire That Could Not Die By Rick Joyner Over the last two millenniums the church has experienced many revivals, renewals, and reformation movements. Each has added a wealth of experience and understanding to the ways in which the Holy Spirit moves to reveal Jesus to His church, and ... Read More

Bethany the House of Revival

BETHANY: The House of Revival Preparing A House For Christ's Manifest Presence By David Smithers A mere half hour walk east from the wall of Jerusalem, across the Kidron valley, past Gethsemane and over the ridge of Olivet, brings you to the humble town of Bethany. This obscure village nestled on th... Read More

Corporate Hinderances to Revival

Corporate Hindrances to Revival G. Richard Blackaby Today's churches are praying for revival in unprecedented numbers. They are holding "revival meetings" and "renewal conferences" in the hope that these will hasten the coming of God's Spirit in power. Yet, despite these sincere efforts, many church... Read More

Dissatisfaction and Revival

Dissatisfaction: The Forerunner Of Revival by James Burns God has set a limit upon the defection of His Church; when the night is at its darkest the dawn is on the way. The inner history of revivals is characterized by a profound sense of dissatisfaction awaking in many hearts. A period of gloom set... Read More

Falling Under the Power

Falling Under The Power of God by Charles G. Finney The following excerpt is taken from The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney, condensed and edited by Helen Wessel, (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Bethany House Publications, 1977) pages 100-101. From Gouverneur I went to DeKalb, another village still fart... Read More

Fear Not Only Believe

Fear Not Only Believe by Andrew Murray Do we not know that throughout Scripture a chief element of faith in God is a sense of powerlessness and utter helplessness? I want to speak here on the place faith must have if we are to obtain that deep, intense, living vitality which we are longing for. If w... Read More

Following Hard After God

Following Hard After God! by A. W. Tozer How tragic that we in this dark day have had our seeking done for us by our teachers. Everything is made to center upon the initial act of "accepting" Christ (a term, incidentally, which is not found in the Bible) and we are not expected thereafter to crave a... Read More

God Moving in Houston in 1997

God Moving in Houston These reports came in from Wallace Henley, Sr. Pastor of the Encourager Church in Houston Some 490 people were baptized Sunday, July 27,1997, at a huge Houston water park, as a dozen churches joined for a common baptism service. Richard Hinojosa, youth pastor for Encourager Chu... Read More

Grieving the Spirit of Revival

Grieving the Spirit of Revival by G. D. Watson A true revival is preeminently the work of the Holy Spirit, and the depth and magnitude of the work depends largely on the number of people who are in perfect union with the Holy Spirit. In times of revival all spiritual forces come to a crisis, both go... Read More

Have We no Tears for Revival?

Have We No Tears For Revival? by Leonard Ravenhill The following material is taken from "Revival God's Way" by the late Leonard Ravenhill and is offered in his honor and memory. The Watchword ministry has been greatly blessed and influenced by Mr. Ravenhill's preaching and writings. His ministry has... Read More

Hour of Desperation

The Hour of Desperation! by Stephen Olford It is my conviction that we are never going to have revival until God has brought the church of Jesus Christ to the point of desperation. As long as Christians people can trust religious organization, material wealth, popular preaching, shallow evangelistic... Read More

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