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Rich Carmicheal

Rich Carmicheal

Rich Carmicheal ( - )

Rich Carmicheal serves as one of the main editors of the Herald of His Coming Periodical that has a world wide free-distribution. Herald of His Coming came into being in Los Angeles, California in 1941. Willard C. and Sarah Foulkes Moore had been traveling and holding meetings, Brother Moore teaching on prayer and the overcoming life, and the two of them gathering people for prayer. In 1941 God directed their steps to Los Angeles, where they had met and married a few years previously, being in their late 40’s at the time. It was in 1973, when Sister Moore’s strength was totally spent, that God gathered her to her rest. Brother Moore and faithful staff members carried on the ministry until he, too, at the age of 90, was called above in 1980.

For the next eight years the ministry continued in the Los Angeles area, with Lois J. Stucky serving as editor, and Louise A. L. Woerner, as treasurer, and with a loyal staff working shoulder to shoulder. In 1988, Elmer Klassen, who had published the German Herald of His Coming for almost 30 years, returned from abroad to live in his home state of Kansas. It seemed the Lord’s leading at that time to move Herald of His Coming ministry to Kansas and to ask him to serve as president/treasurer/publisher. Under his capable leadership, Herald of His Coming published in Kansas until July, 1999, when Mr. Klassen retired. At that time God led to move the ministry to Indiana, near Terre Haute, where Dave and Kimberly Butts, founders and directors of Harvest Prayer Ministries, welcomed Herald of His Coming to partner with them. They serve as president and vice-president of Gospel Revivals Inc. Lois J. Stucky continued as editor until 2009 when an editorial team was formed to share the editorial work. Lois serves on the team along with Rich and Gail Carmicheal and Gayla Royer.

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Rich Carmicheal

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