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Christian Worldliness

Christian Worldliness Robert Dale , 1884 The title of this paper is a paradox. Between Christianity and "Worldliness" there is perpetual conflict — even a temporary truce is impossible. The ideal Christian life is a life in God — a life under the absolute control of the laws of an invisible, eternal... Read More


AMUSEMENTS R.W. Dale, 1895 ( Casuistry . The science of dealing with cases of conscience; the science of resolving cases of doubtful propriety, or of determining the lawfulness or unlawfulness of what a man may do, by rules and principles drawn from the scriptures, from the laws of society, or from ... Read More

Everyday Work — A Divine Calling

Everyday Work — a Divine Calling Robert Dale , 1884 It used to be common to speak of a man's trade, profession, or official employment, as his "calling." But I think that the word, in this sense, has almost dropped out of use, perhaps because it seems inappropriate and unmeaning. Its Latin equivalen... Read More

Forgiveness Of Injuries

Forgiveness of Injuries Robert Dale , 1884 Some Christian people who are very zealous in protesting against the possibility of moral perfection in this life — are always greatly astonished if a man, who professes loyalty to Christ, treats them unjustly or ungenerously. They believe that as long as w... Read More

Judging Others

Judging Others Robert Dale , 1884 How is it that we are so quick in discovering, and so stern in condemning, a slight fault in another man, and are unconscious that we ourselves are guilty of a greater fault — and, perhaps, a greater fault of the same kind? About the fact, there can be no doubt. Con... Read More

Anxiety About The Future

Anxiety about the Future Robert Dale , 1884 It is a common complaint that the morals of those who profess to be governed by the laws of Christ are not exceptionally noble and generous — and that the differences between the Church and the world are, for the most part, merely technical and artificial.... Read More

The Grace Of Christ — A Law Of Conduct

The Grace of Christ — a Law of Conduct Robert Dale , 1884 There is nothing so contagious as a great example. Christian morals have their root and inspiration in Christ Himself, rather than in His isolated precepts. In every age men have been caught in the mighty currents of His infinite love for the... Read More

A Revival In Morality

A Revival in Morality Robert Dale, 1884 During the last hundred years, we have had two great religious movements in England — each of which may be fairly described as a religious revival. The earlier movement, originated by Whitfield and the Wesleys, rescued large masses of the English people from p... Read More

On Obeying Christ

On Obeying Christ Robert Dale, 1884 What is it to obey Christ? The question appears to be an extremely simple one; but it is possible to suppose that we are obeying Christ — when we are really refusing Him any effective authority over our moral life. There are, for example, many excellent people who... Read More

Service And Courtesy

Service and Courtesy Robert Dale, 1884 A great evangelist with his soul on fire for the restoration of the human race to God, is rarely able to care for anything except the central elements of the religious life. He is in an agony of earnestness to prevail on men to repent of sin, to appeal to Divin... Read More

Sowing And Reaping

Sowing and Reaping Robert Dale, 1884 It is not safe to assume that "Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap." Righteousness and sin always yield their harvests. The moral results of all our actions — of the least as well as of the greatest — are determined by definite and irresistible laws. But... Read More

The Universal Sovereignty Of Christ!

The Universal Sovereignty of Christ! Robert Dale, 1873 "Upon His head were many crowns!" Revelation 19:12 There are many parts of the book of Revelation which I do not profess to understand. Here and there, at times, the golden haze of symbolism has seemed to melt away, or rather the visions have se... Read More


SYMPATHY Robert Dale , 1884 Sympathy, it may be said, is a matter of temperament , and cannot be raised to the rank of a duty . There are people who cannot help being distressed by the troubles of their relatives, their friends, their neighbors, and even by the troubles of strangers; and everybody's... Read More

The Moral Precepts Of Christ Generally

The Moral Precepts of Christ Generally Robert Dale, 1884 In our Lord's ethical teaching, He recognized the worth and the authority of the ethical knowledge which men already possessed. It was not necessary that He should speak to Jews as though they did not regard the Ten Commandments as Divine laws... Read More

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