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Robert Ellis

1. The Welsh Pulpit and Revival

“AND how shall they preach except they be sent?” (Paul). The preacher is the ambassador of Eternity in the court of Time. In the court but not of it. His authority is eternity, his headquarters the realm of the eternal verities. His only concern is to permeate the court of time with the atmosphere o... Read More
Robert Ellis

2. Evan Roberts

A GENTLEMAN sits alone in his room, sociable to a degree. In years he is beyond the span of the Biblical promise of “three score years and ten.” The mail has arrived containing a letter and a money gift from across the Atlantic, as a small token for a great blessing the donor had received by the con... Read More
Robert Ellis

3. Joseph Jenkins

BORN 1860 at Cwmystwyth, Cardiganshire. Educated at Canton, Cardiff, Pontypridd and Trevecca College. Ordained in 1887. Ministered at the following churches: Caerphilly, Spellow Lane, Liverpool (English), Newquay, Dolgelley, Festiniog, Llandovery. Died 1929. 1860-1929 are the temporal boundaries of ... Read More
Robert Ellis

4. R.B. Jones

WHAT a galaxy of Welsh pulpit celebrities gather round the common surname ‘Jones!’ Some are affectionately remembered by their initials, for instance, E. T., S. T. and D. O. The surname has also immortalised such place-names throughout Wales as Talysarn, Blaenanerch, and, Llanedy. R. B. and Porth wi... Read More
Robert Ellis

5. W.W. Lewis

IN our study of revival and its relation to Wales, we realise the penetration of the spiritual into all spheres of life. A new vision and a regenerated character cannot be confined to one sphere or stratum of life. The influence of the 1859 revival can be felt in the revival of 1904, although many a... Read More
Robert Ellis


CHRISTIANITY in our country has fallen on evil days, or so compute our statisticians, and so our Church-going members also confess. Our numbers dwindle steadily in every sphere of Church life. The Sunday schools are only shadows of what they used to be. The Prayer meetings are meagrely attended. Oth... Read More

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