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Robert Govett

Robert Govett

Robert Govett (1813 - 1901)

Was a famous British theologian, and a successful independent pastor of Surrey Chapel, Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK. His father, Robert Govett Sr., Vicar of Staines, died in 1854. His maternal grandfather was William Romaine (1714–95), the famous eighteenth century pastor and evangelist, and the author of "The Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith". Govett never married because he wanted to use all his time for the ministry.

He wrote many books and brochures. His most well-known book is The Apocalypse: Expounded by Scripture (1861–65), which he wrote under the pen name Matheethees, which is Greek for 'disciple'. Professor Wilbur M. Smith said about this book: "One of the profoundest works of Revelation that I know of is the work of Robert Govett. My own opinion is that he brings to his interpretation a more thorough knowledge of the Scriptures in their bearing on the last book of the Bible than any other writer of his generation." To read and obtain published materials by Robert Govett you can visit the ministry of Schoettle Publishing.

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Robert Govett

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