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A Decade of Changing the Political Landscape

In its infinite wisdom, the Internal Revenue Service in August 1978 provoked a reaction that led to unprecedented evangelical political involvement in the 1980s. The IRS proposed a number of regulations for private schools which presumed them to be racist -- and no longer qualified for tax-exempt st... Read More

Are We "One Nation Under God"?

Although no question mark will be found in his magnificent speech, still, Abraham Lincoln expressed a disquieting uncertainty in his Gettysburg Address: ". . . whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure." While his immediate concern was the Civil War, his implici... Read More

Changing the Politicians Themselves

Despite constant grassroots efforts, some politicians will prove impossibly stubborn when it comes to certain issues. Their minds simply will not be changed. Fortunately, we need not be perpetually frustrated when, for example, a senator's voting record shows that he inevitably prefers a woman's "ri... Read More

Changing the Politicians' Thinking

"Applause, mingled with boos and hisses, is about all the average voter is willing to contribute to public life."1 If that statement is anywhere near reality, then evangelicals have a marvelous opportunity -- but they must be above average politically. The Bible and history teach us that there are t... Read More

What is Biblical?

Evangelical Christians are committed to the absolute authority and trustworthiness of the Bible. How could they be anything else? Having ascertained how Jesus Christ regards the Scriptures, their minds are convinced and their wills are bound. Jesus' view is wrapped up in one text: "The Scripture can... Read More

What is Constitutional?

Phil Donahue's television show thrives on the controversial -- the more outlandish, the better. But until the day I found myself a participant on his show in December 1983, I had actually seen little more than occasional glimpses of the program. Phil's intent for that day was to parlay President Ron... Read More

What We "Know" That Isn't So

Although evangelicals achieved a great deal politically in the '80's, they could have accomplished much, much more. One reason they failed to fulfill their potential echoes down from God's eighth century B.C. indictment of Israel: "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."1 Sometimes Christia... Read More

Who Will Determine America's Future?

When the founding fathers met in their 1787 Constitutional Convention, they quickly determined that the Articles of Confederation under which they had been operating were inadequate for a national government. As they set out to "invent" a new nation, they agreed to do so in utmost secrecy. George Wa... Read More

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