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A Lack of Repentance Preaching has Filled Modern Churches with Hypocrites

…I am dead certain that the mess we are in religiously and spiritually now, the love-sick so-called “church” people, the sickly sentimental crop of so-called “believers” who are enthusiastic about a fair or a frolic but are conspicuously absent from prayer meeting — I am sure that this is due to the... Read More


Trained to be a lawyer, he went into school teaching in Texas, not yet converted and still "shaking my fist" in God’s face, I joined a church. After his conversion he was truly pressed of the Lord into the Gospel ministry. The first sermon he preached, well listen to his biographer: He was out raisi... Read More


This generation would like to get to heaven, but they just haven't got time. They had time to make a profession and join a church, but they just haven't got time to seek the Lord. When I started to preach 36 years ago, people would come hear me preach and I could keep a crowd for a while, and in tha... Read More

Sovereign Grace and Evangelism

The preaching of Sovereign Grace is not an enemy of true evangelism. Let me hasten to say that the preaching of Sovereign Grace will kill, deader than a doornail, the message and method of present-day evangelism! And some of us believe with deadly intensity that the false message and method must be ... Read More


The religious folks of that day got permission from the Roman government to hang Jesus Christ on a tree; and God raised Him and put Him on a throne. God turned you over to Him (John 17:2 God gave Him power over all flesh...) , and He’s got you on His hands, and He’s got to save you, or He’s got to d... Read More

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