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Ronald Hanko

Irresistible Grace

Does salvation depend on God's grace or on the sinner's free will? Can God's will to save man be frustrated? Can it happen that although God's grace has begun to work in a man, that grace is able to be resisted and lost? Does God merely try to save men or does He actually save them? These are vital ... Read More
Ronald Hanko

Limited Atonement

The doctrine of limited atonement is the third of the Five Points of Calvinism and is represented by the letter L in the word TULIP, the word we use to help us remember the Five Points and their order. This doctrine has been given other names. It is sometimes spoken of as the doctrine of particular ... Read More
Ronald Hanko

The Perseverance of the Saints

The last of the Five Points of Calvinism is represented by the letter P in the word TULIP and is the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. This doctrine deals with the question whether those who are once brought to faith and salvation will continue in faith and in that salvation to the very en... Read More
Ronald Hanko

The Sovereignty of God

One truth distinguishes what is known as the Reformed faith, or Calvinism. That truth is the sovereignty of God. Many people suppose that the heart of Calvinism is its teaching of predestination. When they hear of Calvinism or that someone is a Calvinist, they immediately think of election and repro... Read More
Ronald Hanko

Total Depravity

The doctrine of total depravity is the first of the Five Points of Calvinism and is represented by the letter T in the memory-help TULIP. In the Canons of Dordt, the original Five Points, total depravity is not the first point. Unconditional election, represented by the U of TULIP, is first. The rea... Read More
Ronald Hanko

Unconditional Election

The doctrine of unconditional election is the second of the Five Points of Calvinism and is represented by the letter U in the acronym TULIP. The doctrine of predestination, of which election is a part, has been called the heart of the gospel. This is true. The gospel is the good news of salvation. ... Read More

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