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Face The Future With Faith In God by W.C. Moore

Saints, A very important article to read in these days we are living in. Not a lot of writings can stir our spirits to a place of sobriety and readiness for the hour we are living in. You are the salt of the earth the light of the world. May we be in a place of usefulness of God as the nearing of Ch... Read More

Shake Off Laodicean Slumber! by A.A. Ronshausen

Shake Off Laodicean Slumber! by A.A. Ronshausen The great sin of these end-time days is Laodicean lukewarmness, being neither hot nor cold (Rev. 3:14-15). Sinful and godless as the world is, the real battle of today is not the battle of the world, but the battle of the church. Laodiceanism is spirit... Read More

The Crushing Of Christ by Paul Washer

Saints, Paul Washer shares on the gospel message of Christ taking on the wrath of God for the lost world. This is a clear message of the Gospel and its focus and elevation of Christ alone. Amidst the shallow presentations of the gospel this message elevates the true Gospel. The Crushing Of Christ by... Read More

The Herald of His Coming *(L. Ravenhill rec'd Free Periodical)

Saints, The Herald of His Coming is a faith ministry that publishes a free monthly newspaper with articles on holiness, revival and the coming of the Lord with such authors featured as: Chadwick, Murray, Ravenhill, Wesley, Whitefield, Bounds and many more from all genres of the Christian Faith. It h... Read More


WHOLLY DEPENDENT ON HIM By David Wilkerson God has always wanted a people who would walk totally reliant on him before the eyes of the world. That’s why he took the insignificant little nation of Israel and isolated them in a wilderness. He was placing them in a school of testing, to produce a peopl... Read More

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