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The Cambridge Seven

The Cambridge Seven C. T. Studd, M. Beauchamp, S. P. Smith, A. T. Podhill-Turner, D. E. Hoste, C. H. Polhill-Turner, W. W. Cassels (In no way does this report come close to how God used The Cambridge Seven in his world redemptive work. Any understanding of how these men were brought together and the... Read More

A. B. Simpson

A. B. Simpson is an unsung Canadian hero who has had a remarkable lasting impact on millions throughout the world. Simpson was a man of vision. He once said that people "must always dream dreams before they blaze new trails and see visions before they are strong to do exploits." Albert Benjamin Simp... Read More

A. G. Garr

Most people would agree that the church, as a whole, is in desperate need of revival. The real question is, "How do we obtain it?" In II Kings 13, God has hidden one of His strategies for resurrecting that which was alive and is now dead. "And Elisha died, and they buried him. And the band of Moabit... Read More

A. W. Tozer

Aiden Wilson Tozer was born April 21, 1897, on a small farm among the spiny ridges of Western Pennsylvania. Within a few short years, Tozer, as he preferred to be called, would earn the reputation and title of a "20th-century prophet." Able to express his thoughts in a simple but forceful manner, To... Read More

Absolom Jones, Richard Allen. William White

In 1786 the membership of St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia included both blacks and whites. However, the white members met that year and decided that thereafter black members should sit only in the balcony. Two black Sunday worshippers, Absalom Jones (1746-1818) and Richard Al... Read More

Adam of St. Victor

Though Adam of St Victor was one of the most prom­i­nent and pro­li­fic La­tin hymn­ists of the Mid­dle Ages, lit­tle is known of him. Writ­ers near­est his time de­scribe him as Brito, pos­s­ibly in­di­cat­ing a na­tive of Bri­tain or Brit­ta­ny. All that is cer­tain is that around 1130, af­ter be­... Read More

Adoniram Judson

Adoniram Judson 1788-1850 by Fred Barlow American Baptist missionary, lexicographer, and Bible translator to Burma. Born in Massachusetts in 1788. Helped form the American Baptist Missionary Union. In 1834 completed a translation of the whole Bible into the Burmese language. During the Anglo-Burmese... Read More

Agnes Sanford

Agnes Sanford, daughter of a Presbyterian missionary in China, and the wife of an Episcopal rector, first book, The Healing Light, established her as a leading lay healer and minister within the Christian church. Since its original 1947 publication, The Healing Light has sold over half a million cop... Read More

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer, theologian, philosopher, organist, authority on Bach, physician, and missionary, was born in 1875, son of a Lutheran pastor, in Alsace, then German but now French. (Alsace and Lorraine are two provinces lying between France and Germany, and for centuries they have belonged to whoe... Read More

Alcuin, Anskar and others

Alcuin was an Englishman from York, born into a noble family about 730, and educated by a pupil of Bede. Having become a deacon, he was made head of the cathedral school at York around 770. In 781 he was asked by the Emperor Charlemagne to become his minister of education. He accepted, and establish... Read More

Alfred Henry Ackley

Born: January 21, 1887, Spring Hill, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was bro­ther to Bent­ley Ack­ley. Died: July 3, 1960, Whit­ti­er, Cal­i­for­nia. Ackley re­ceived mu­sic­al train­ing from his fa­ther, in New York Ci­ty and at the Roy­al Acad­e­my of Mu­sic in Lon­don, and be­came a great cel­lo play­er. Af­... Read More


Ambrose was governor of Northern Italy, with capital at Milan. When the see of Milan fell vacant, it seemed likely that rioting would result, since the city was evenly divided between Arians and Athanasians. (Explanatory Note: Athanasians affirm that the Logos or Word (John 1:1) is fully God in the ... Read More

Amy Carmicael

Amy Carmichael (1867 -1951) Flame Of God From prayer that asks that I may be Sheltered from winds that beat on Thee, From fearing when I should aspire, From faltering when I should climb higher From silken self, O Captain, free Thy soldier who would follow Thee. From subtle love of softening things,... Read More

Andrew Murray

Soon after coming to Christ, I was given two small paperbacks written by Andrew Murray, "The Prayer Life" and "Waiting on God". It seemed with each new chapter came fresh insights and new experiences in prayer. As a young believer, these writings greatly helped me to define and establish my personal... Read More


Anselm is the most important Christian theologian in the West between Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. His two great accomplishments are his Proslogium (in which he undertakes to show that Reason requires that men should believe in God), and his Cur Deus Homo? (in which he undertakes to show that Divin... Read More

Apolo Kivebulaya

After Christianity had gained a foothold in Uganda, in eastern equatorial Africa (see James Hannington, Martyr, 29 October 1885, and the Martyrs of Uganda, 3 June 1886), the tribal chief of Boga, a village in western Uganda, just west of the Great Rift Valley, requested that missionaries be sent to ... Read More

Arthur Campbell Ainger

Born: July 4, 1841, Blackheath, England (near Birmingham). Died: October 26, 1919, Eton, England. Buried: St. Matthews Parish Church, Darley Abbey, Derby, England. Son of an An­gli­can priest, Ainger at­tend­ed Eton and Trin­i­ty College, Cam­bridge (BA 1860, MA 1864). In 1860 he became Curate of Al... Read More

Augustine of Hippo

Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus) was one of the greatest theologians of Western Christianity. (In his day the Mediterranean world consisted of an Eastern, Greek-speaking half and a Western, Latin-speaking half, with different ways of looking at things, and different habits of thought.) He was born 13... Read More

Basil the Great

Basil was born in Caesarea of Cappadocia, a province in what is now central Turkey (more or less directly north of the easternmost part of the Mediterranean, but with no seacoast). He was born in 329, after the persecution of Christians had ceased, but with parents who could remember the persecution... Read More

Bentley DeForest Ackley

Born: September 27, 1872, Spring Hill, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was bro­ther to Al­fred Ack­ley. Died: Septem­ber 3, 1958, Wi­no­na Lake, In­di­a­na. Buried: Oak­wood Cem­e­te­ry, War­saw, In­di­a­na. Ho­mer Ro­de­hea­ver lies near­by. Ackley showed mu­sic­al tal­ent ear­ly, learn­ing the me­lo­de­on, pi... Read More

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