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A.W. Tozer

(1897-1963) American pastor and writer ministered at the Southside Alliance Church in Chicago from 1928 until 1959 and served as the editor of The Alliance Weekly. Tozer's deeply passionate works have made him one of the most popular evangelical authors of the 20th century. Among his works: How to b... Read More

Andrew Murray

(1828-1917) Andrew Murray was one of four children, raised in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa. He was educated in Scotland and spent three years of theological study in Holland. He returned as a missionary and minister to his native land. He began pastoring in a remote village, but even at this early st... Read More


(296-373 A.D.) Athanasius served as presbyter and bishop of Alexandria. Athanasius is best known for his defense of the deity of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity at the ecumenical Council of Nicea (325 A.D.). Before the Arian controversy called into question the deity of Christ, Athanasius wro... Read More

Augustine of Hippo

354-430) Bishop of Hippo in North Africa. Augustine was the greatest of the early Fathers and one of the most influential theologians of all time. He rejected the Christian teaching of his mother and lived a life of debauchery, involved in the study and teaching of philosophy until his sudden conver... Read More

C.S. Lewis

(1898-1963) Novelist, poet, Christian apologist and professor at Magdalen College, Oxford from 1925 until 1954. Lewis' conversion from atheism is treated in his autobiography Surprised by Joy. On seven consecutive Tuesdays, from February 22 to April 4, Lewis' pre-recorded talks known as "Beyond Pers... Read More

Charles Finney

(1792-1875) American lawyer, revivalist, abolitionist, pastor and president of Oberlin College. Finney never owned a Bible until he noticed how often law books quoted from the Bible. He was suddenly and powerfully converted in 1824 and immediately began to preach; "No words can describe the wonderfu... Read More

Charles Spurgeon

(1834-1892) English Baptist known as the "boy preacher" and the "prince of preachers." He was converted in 1850, preached his first sermon at age sixteen, and pastored a church at seventeen. Spurgeon also founded orphanages, built a pastor's college, started Sunday schools, served as president of a ... Read More

Clement of Alexandria

(c.150 - c. 215) Presbyter of the church in Alexandria, Clement has been recognized as one of Christianity's greatest scholars. He was versed in the Old and New Testaments, apocryphal and gnostic writings, Greek literature, and philosophy. Clement succeeded Pantaenus as head of the catechetical scho... Read More

Corrie Ten Boom

(1892-1983) Corrie was born to a watchmaker in Amsterdam, Holland, the youngest of three siters and one brother. They were raised in the Dutch Reformed Church. Corrie was outgoing and strong-willed, attended Bible school for two years. In 1920, she began training as a watchmaker and became the first... Read More


(c. 200 - 258) The son of a wealthy Roman officer in North Africa, Cyprian converted to Christianity later in life. He was made a presbyter at Carthage only a year after his conversion and then bishop a year later. He witnessed severe persecution and was faced with the question of readmitting Christ... Read More

D.L. Moody

(1837-1899) Dwight L. Moody, the popular American preacher and evangelist, received little education before entering employment as a shoe salesman. He was converted through the ministry of his Sunday School teacher, Edward Kimball, and soon became active in Christian service. Moody was best known fo... Read More

Deitrich Bonhoeffer

(1906-1945) Bonhoeffer was born on February 4, 1906 in Breslau, Germany and had a twin sister, Sabine. He was a neo-orthodox Lutheran pastor, a member of the Confessing Church and participant in the drafting of the Barmen Declaration. In 1933, Bonhoeffer spoke out against the Nazis in radio broadcas... Read More

Donald Grey Barnhouse

(1895-1960) Barnhouse served as pastor of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia for 33 years, director of the Christian Stony Brook School for Boys, editor of Eternity Magazine, and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1928. He was a pioneer in the field of radio, ... Read More

F.F. Bruce

(1910-1990) Scottish biblical scholar, Bruce is remembered for his sound, conservative conclusions during a time in which liberal biblical criticism was prevalent in most major seminaries and universities. Educated at the Elgin Academy, the University of Aberdeen, Cambridge and Vienna, he held the p... Read More

Francis Bacon

(1561-1626) English philosopher, scientist, statesman and outspoken Christian. Francis Bacon's father was Nicolas Bacon, the Lord Keeper of the Seal of Elizabeth I. He entered Trinity College Cambridge at age 12. He was a lawyer, elected to Parliament in 1584 at age 23, but removed from office 30 ye... Read More

Francis Schaeffer

(1912-1984) Twentieth century Christian philosopher, theologian and founder of L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. Schaeffer produced numerous books, articles and films, assessing the impact of biblical Christianity on western civilization and critiquing trends in modern society from a Judeo-Christian... Read More

Henry Ward Beecher

1813-1887) Henry Ward Beecher, the eighth son of the Rev. Lyman Beecher, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut, on 24th June, 1813. He was a Congregational clergyman from a family of preachers and literary celebrities, including his sister Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. He was the... Read More

J.C. Ryle

(1816-1900) Low church Anglican, served as a pastor in a number of parishes before being ordained the first bishop of Liverpool England. John Charles Ryle was born in Macclesfield England and attended Eton. He went on to Oxford, graduating in 1837. Throughout his ministry, Ryle was a tireless defend... Read More

J.I. Packer

Popular evangelical writer served at Trinity College before filling his position as professor of historical and systematic theology at Regent College in Vancouver. Packer is an executive editor for Christianity, has written many articles, served as senior editor and authored Evangelism and the Sover... Read More

Jeremy Taylor

(1613-1667) Jeremy Taylor was born at Cambridge in 1613 and ordained in 1633. He was a faithful Anglican bishop and writer, who sided with the royalists during the Civil War. Taylor wrote The Real Presence of Christ in the Sacraments, Life of Liberty, The Rule and Experience of Holy Living and The R... Read More

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