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Born in 1829 from pious parents of very modest means, St. John was quick to learn the power of prayer. As a child he was a slow learner, but one night after fervently praying for God's help in his studies, he suddenly felt as if he were violently shaken, as if "the mind opened up in his head." From ... Read More

St. John of Kronstadt His Life and Worldview

The Man, the Times, the Beginnings THE NINETEENTH CENTURY in Russia was a time of considerable religious revival, and one of the most notable features of this revival was the way in which many thousands of ordinary people, of all classes and callings, flocked for spiritual advice - and, indeed, for ... Read More

St. John of Kronstadt His Life and Worldview - Part 2

The Miser is an Enemy of the Lord "THE LORD is the cause and everlasting support (strength) of my organic, physical life through the activity of my lungs, my stomach, heart, veins, muscles; and my spiritual-organic life through my mind, and thought, and through the enlightenment of my heart by His L... Read More

The Church—The Treasury of Salvation

I. Understanding of the Church. The Church as the instructor of Christian souls which possesses all the means for the salvation of man. Grace. The holy Church is God's most supreme, mast holy, most good, most wise and necessary establishment upon the earth. She is "the true tabernacle'' of God, " wh... Read More

The Church—The Treasury of Salvation - Part 2

+ + + I sorrow, I wail, and I weep profoundly over the horrible wound of sin which corrupts mankind, miserable beyond measure, indescribably, diversely—O the seductiveness of sin by which mankind is enslaved and labors for sin, and even boasts in its work, and is comforted as by some profit! But tog... Read More


The Holy and Righteous John of Kronstadt recalled this vision which he had in January of 1901: After evening prayers I laid down to rest a little in my dimly lit cell since I was fatigued. Hanging before the icon of the Mother of God was my lit lampada. Not more than a half hour had passed when I he... Read More

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