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Stephen Kaung

Stephen Kaung

Stephen Kaung ( - Present)

Stephen Kaung is a Chinese Chrisitan speaker and writer, and now living in Richmond, Virgina. At an early age was converted to Christianity and was active in the Methodist Church in China, with home his father was a minister. He first met watchman need in the early 1930's and joined Nee's indigenous christian work full-time, working with him until 1949 when he left China and became involved with Christian work in other ares of the Far East.

Stephen Kaung worked very closely with T Austin-Sparks until his death in 1972. His burden has been to allow a testimony of the Lord in the local assembly, and to help the saints see the great importance of the Church as God intended it. Stephen Kaung's major work has been to translate the writings of Watchman Nee into English, over 50 titles which have been published by his own organisation, Christian Fellowship Publishers (CFP), In Richmond, Virgina.

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Stephen Kaung


The following message was recorded in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. on August 3, 2003, and transcribed by Toronto Christ's Congregation. Scripture quotations are from the New Translation by J.N. Darby. Revelation 1:17,18—And when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead; and he laid his right hand upon me,... Read More

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