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Frank arrives at Neath, Fair Week, 1882.

Frank arrives at Neath, Fair Week, 1882. —Account of first Sunday morning service, by Dr. Davies. —Other reformers at Neath, Rev. William Davies and Rev. John Wesley. —Seth joins Frank at Neath. —The reason why. —Seth knocked sinners down and Frank, picked them up. —Archdeacon Griffith a true, frien... Read More

Frank’s personality. — Selflessness.

Frank’s personality. — Selflessness. — Charm of manner. — How he trained Bob Jones as conductor. — Studied in Gnoll Woods. — Huddersfield “ a favourite tune. — Care for the poor. — Willing helpers. — Testimony of Police Superintendent. — Mrs. Penn Lewis bears witness. — His good humour. — “Count you... Read More

Moral condition of Neath.

Moral condition of Neath. — Prayer for blessing, — Seth saves the Neath Y.M.C.A.— Some notable converts at the Mission. — Ton Thomas (Twm y Glomen), Charlie the Gipsy, David Thomas (Dai Mali), Maggie the Nuts. — Evan Rees, one of the four Founders of the Sunday School. — Jim Currie’s escape. — The l... Read More

Seth keeps a Diary, 1887—1890.

Seth keeps a Diary, 1887—1890. — Programme of meetings for the week. — Open-air services. — Favourite spots in the town. — Fierce opposition. — Cottage prayer meetings. — Buying books. — Tract distribution. — Beech tree in Gnoll Woods. —Bibles sold at Neath Fair. — Preaching to showmen. — Sequah’s v... Read More

The Mission Choir formed and trained by Frank.

The Mission Choir formed and trained by Frank. — Secretary and Treasurer appointed in 1887. —Income in I888. — Coal supplied in answer to prayer. — The brothers’ genius for making friends. — Oscar Snelling and Captain Harvey. — Visits to Cornwall. — Excursions to llfracombe and Porthcawl. — Panic ow... Read More

Treforest. —Brothers in Church Choir.

Treforest. —Brothers in Church Choir. —Advent of Salvation Army. —Ted Rickett. —Dai Caravan. —Frank and Seth are converted. —Remarkable experiences. —Seth at Blaenavon. — Frank at Cinderford. THE family removed from Pontypool to Treforest, where the father, a blast furnaceman, had found employment a... Read More

Two successful soul-winners.

Two successful soul-winners. —Family, origin and credentials. — Of Baptist stock. —Reformers of Monmouthshire. — Pontypool. — Early environment. — Parents. —Granny Walden. — Rev. David Roberts. — Seth‘s exploits as boy. — British School — First occupation. — Runner, wrestler and boxer. — Frank kept ... Read More

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