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Psalm 1

Perhaps this psalm was added by Ezra, or whoever else was the collector of the others into one book. We have represented to us in it, (1.) The character of the godly; how holy they are, abstaining from every temptation to, or appearance of evil; and with pleasure meditating on, and endeavouring to f... Read More

Psalm 10

In this psalm of lamentation and woe, we have, (1.) David's mournful complaints of God's withdrawment of his gracious and comfortable presence, ver. 1. (2.) His mournful and shocking representation of the wicked men, who persecuted him, during God's absence: They proudly gloried in themselves; they ... Read More

Psalm 100

A Psalm of praise. This psalm, (1.) Contains a solemn call to the Gentiles to praise God, and rejoice in him, ver. 1-4. (2.) Furnisheth us with matter of praise, viz. that he is God, and stands nearly related to us, and that his mercy and truth are everlasting, ver. 3, 5. Knowing the Lord to be my G... Read More

Psalm 101

A Psalm of David. This psalm was probably composed when David assumed the government of his kingdom, and contains his holy resolutions, (1.) To make God's mercies and judgments the connected matter of his song; and to walk circumspectly before his family, through the assisting presence of God, ver. ... Read More

Psalm 102

A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the Lord. This psalm relates to some grievous distress; wherein are observable, (1.) Bitter complaints of divine hidings and wrath; of sore bodily troubles; of inward griefs and perplexities; of calumnious reproa... Read More

Psalm 103

A Psalm of David. Here, (1.) The psalmist earnestly stirs up himself to praise God, for favours to himself in particular; for pardon of sins, healing of diseases, redemption from death, ver. 1-5; and for his mercies to his people, in revealing his mind to them; pardoning their sins; sympathizing wit... Read More

Psalm 104

This psalm was perhaps composed along with the preceding one; and contains, (1.) High celebrations of God, as the God of nature; particularly of his appearances in his heavenly palaces, ver. 1-4; of his creation of the sea and dry land, ver 5-9; of the provision he makes for his creatures, according... Read More

Psalm 105

This psalm was a part of the solemn hymn sung at the translation of the ark from the house of Obed-edom to the city of David, 1Chron. 16; and contains, (1.) Solemn calls to meditate on, seek, magnify, and praise God, who is so great, so gracious, and so nearly connected with us, ver. 1-7. (2.) A nar... Read More

Psalm 106

This psalm may be considered as a supplement to the preceding. That exhibited to our view, the marvellous kindness of God to Israel: this exhibits the fearful rebellions of Israel against their gracious God. We have, (1.) A preface, ascribing praise to God, exhibiting comfort to his saints, and requ... Read More

Psalm 107

This psalm may be considered as an appendix to the two foregoing. Those represented the providence of God towards his chosen Israelites, who prefigured his gospel church: this, (1.) represents the providences of God to the children of men in general, and calls them to praise him for his kindness and... Read More

Psalm 108

A Song or Psalm of David. The first five verses of this psalm are taken from Psalm 57:7-12; and contain praises and thanksgivings to God. The other eight are taken from Psalm 60:5-12; and contain prayers for, and hopes of promised mercies. Never scruple, my soul, to think, or to sing, or to pray ove... Read More

Psalm 109

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. Probably David penned this psalm with a view to Doeg or Ahithophel, and hence it is much like the 41st, 52nd, 55th, 124th, and 140th. But the Holy Ghost herein hath a mediate respect to Jesus, and to Judas the traitor, Acts 1:20. Observe, (1.) The psalmist's ... Read More

Psalm 11

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. Behold here, (1.) David, tempted by his timorous friends to escape to some mountain, and hide himself from the fury of Saul, or of Absalom, as if that were his only safe course now when his enemies were exerting themselves to the uttermost, and all things wer... Read More

Psalm 110

A Psalm of David. This psalm relates wholly to Jesus Christ: and represents him, (1.) In his glorious offices; as a Prophet, gathering the nations by the proclamations of his gospel, the rod of his strength, ver. 2-3; as our great High Priest, ver. 4; and as our exalted, victorious, and governing Ki... Read More

Psalm 111

In this psalm, every sentence of which begins with a new letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we have, (1.) The praising of God inculcated and exemplified, ver. 1. (2.) The grounds of praise exhibited, viz. that God himself is gracious and full of compassion, and ever mindful of his covenant; and that his... Read More

Psalm 112

This psalm is also alphabetically composed; and contains, (1.) Invitations to praise God, ver. 1. (2.) A delineation of the saints' character and blessedness: that they are well principled, honest, sincere, and kind; and shall be blessed with prosperity, outward and inward, with comfort amidst grief... Read More

Psalm 113

This psalm, with the five immediately following, were called the great Hallelujah, and used to be sung at the Passover supper (Matt. 26:30). Here, (1.) We are solemnly called to celebrate the praises of God, ver. 1-3. (2.) We are plentifully furnished with matter of praise, viz. the heights of his g... Read More

Psalm 114

In this psalm are celebrated, (1.) God's bringing Israel out of their Egyptian slavery, ver. 1. (2.) His setting up his tabernacle among them, and taking them for his peculiar people, ver. 2. (3.) His dividing the Red sea and Jordan before them, ver. 3, 5. (4.) His awful descent on Mount Sinai, to g... Read More

Psalm 115

This psalm instructs us, (1.) To whom glory and praise ought to be ascribed: not to ourselves, but to God's mercy and truth, ver. 1; not to lifeless, senseless idols, but to God, whose throne is in the heavens, and who doeth whatever he pleaseth, ver. 2-8, 15-16. (2.) How we are to glorify God: 1. B... Read More

Psalm 116

This is a psalm of thanksgiving, somewhat similar to the 18th, 30th, 40th, and 103rd; and represents, (1.) The psalmist's great distress and danger, which had almost driven him to despair, ver. 3, 10-11. (2.) The application he made to God by prayer, for relief; and his experience of God's gracious ... Read More

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