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Timothy Shay Arthur — His Life and Works

Timothy Shay Arthur — His Life and Works By one who knows him, 1873 [Editor's note: You may also want to read Timothy Shay Arthur's short article, " The Brilliant — and the Commonplace ".] An Apology, Rather than a Preface. I think people of a sensitive nature must shrink from anything like a biogra... Read More


PUBLISHER'S INTRODUCTION Accompanying this volume, is a brief autobiography . In circulating Mr. Arthur's "Sketches of Life and Character," the publisher met so frequently with an expressed desire to know something of one whose writings had made him a general favorite, that he was led to solicit a p... Read More

Letters To A Young Wife, From A Married Lady

Letters to a Young Wife, from a Married Lady (author unknown) LETTER I. My Dear Lizzie, I have just received the pleasing news of your marriage with one so worthy of your trust and affection. Of course, you are very happy; for there is no more perfect happiness for a young and loving woman, than to ... Read More

Amy'S Question

Amy's Question by Timothy Shay Arthur "Amy!" Mrs. Grove called from the door that opened towards the garden. But no answer came. The sun had set half an hour before, and his parting rays were faintly tinging with gold and purple, the few clouds that lay just alone the edge of the western sky. In the... Read More

Temptation Resisted

Temptation Resisted By Timothy Shay Arthur Charles Murray left home, with his books in his satchel, for school. Before starting, he kissed his little sister, and patted Juno on the head — and as he went singing away, he felt as happy as any little boy could wish to feel. Charles was a good-tempered ... Read More

The Mother'S Grave

The Mother's Grave by Timothy Shay Arthur Frank McPherson, when he was about twelve years old, got acquainted with some bad boys of his own age. Before this, Frank was a very good lad, and gave his mother no trouble. Mrs. McPherson was a very godly woman, and early taught her son that there was a Go... Read More

The Young Teacher

The Young Teacher Timothy Shay Arthur, 1852 "I wish I knew how to read!" said one little boy to another. "Then why don't you learn?" asked his companion. "Because I have no one to teach me, and my mother is too poor to send me to school," replied the boy. The name of the little boy who could read wa... Read More

Alice And The Pigeon

Alice and the Pigeon Timothy Shay Arthur One evening in winter as Alice, a dear little girl whom everybody loved, pushed aside the curtains of her bedroom window, she saw the moon half hidden by great banks of clouds, and only a few stars peeping out here and there. Below, the earth lay dark, and co... Read More

The Lost Children

The Lost Children Timothy Shay Arthur, 1852 "Tell us the story about the lost children , dear mother," said George, laying down his playthings and coming to his mother's side. "Oh, yes, mother, please do," added the little boy's sister; a bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked girl, just ten years old. "I told y... Read More

Dick Lawson

Dick Lawson Timothy Shay Arthur "Dick!" "Yes, sir." "I want a young mocking-bird. Can you get me one?" "I don't know, sir." "Don't you think you could try?" "I don't know, sir. Perhaps I might." "Well, see if you can't. I'll give you half a dollar for one." "Will you? Then I'll try." And off Dick st... Read More

The Drunkard'S Good Angels

The Drunkard's Good Angels by Timothy Shay Arthur "Come, Ady and Jane, it's time that you were in bed," said Mrs. Freeman to her two little girls, about nine o'clock one evening. Ady was nine years old, and Jane was a year and a half younger. The two children had been sitting at the worktable with t... Read More

Emma And Her Sixpence

Emma and Her Sixpence by Timothy Shay Arthur Emma's aunt had given her a sixpence, and now the question was, what should she buy with it? "I'll tell you what I will do, mother," she said, changing her mind for the tenth time. "Well, dear, what have you determined upon now?" "I'll save my sixpence un... Read More

The Mothers Promise

The Mother's Promise by Timothy Shay Arthur A lady, handsomely dressed, was about leaving her house to make a few calls, when a little boy ran out from the nursery, and clasping one of her gloved hands in both of his, looked up into her face with a glance of winning entreaty, saying, as he did so: "... Read More

Old Ned

Old Ned by Timothy Shay Arthur Not many years ago, Farmer Jones had an old horse named "Ned," who appeared to have almost as much sense as some people. Ned was a favorite with his master, who petted him as if he were a child instead of a animal. The horse seemed to understand every word that the far... Read More

A Day In The Woods

A Day in the Woods by Timothy Shay Arthur "School!" said Richard White, to himself. "School! I don't want to go to school. Why am I sent to school every day? What good is there in learning grammar, and arithmetic, and geography, and all them things? I don't like school, and I never did!" "Dick!" cal... Read More

A Garden Overrun With Weeds

A Garden Overrun with Weeds by Timothy Shay Arthur "Father, I don't like to go to school," said Harry Williams, one morning. "I wish you would let me always stay at home. Charles Parker's father doesn't make him go to school." Mr Williams took his little boy by the hand, and said kindly to him, "Com... Read More

A Picture

A Picture by Timothy Shay Arthur What have we here? That kind-looking old gentleman must have something for these children; his hand is in his pocket, and they are all gathering around him. I wonder who he is, and what he is going to give them? "He's their uncle, perhaps." "Or their grandfather." "O... Read More

A Family Picture

A Family Picture (author unknown) The scene is a domestic one; the season , winter; the time , night. Supper is cleared away, and the infant, held in papa's arm during the the meal, has been restored to her mother, to nestle, and smile, and sleep. John and Charlotte, the elder two children, have dra... Read More

How To Avoid A Quarrel

How to Avoid a Quarrel by Timothy Shay Arthur "Here! lend me your knife, Bill; I've left mine in the house," said Edgar Harris to his younger brother. He spoke in a rude voice, and his manner was imperative. "No, I won't! Go and get your own knife," replied William, in a tone quite as ungracious as ... Read More

Harsh Words And Kind Words

Harsh Words and Kind Words by Timothy Shay Arthur William Baker, and his brother Thomas and sister Ellen, were playing on the green lawn in front of their mother's door, when a lad named Henry Green came along the road, and seeing the children enjoying themselves, opened the gate and came in. He was... Read More

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