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A Case of Uncommon Devotion

Studies in Luke #3 Luke 1:5-25 A Case of Uncommon Devotion David and Jonathan, Stephen and Joshua are very lovely and very popular biblical names. Not so with Zacharias in our culture. However this was one of the most common and popular priestly names in Israel. It just simply means "God remembers",... Read More

A Look at Luke

Studies in Luke #1 Luke 1:1-4 A Look at Luke Some of you have been to Israel and walked where Jesus walked; the dusty highways of Judaea; the lovely shores of Galilee; the steep slopes of Mount of Olives; the narrow streets of Jerusalem; or been to the wedding church in Cana of Galilee; and even whe... Read More

A Portrait of Peter

Men the Master Made Study #2 - A Portrait of Peter "One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. And he brought him to Jesus.... Read More

Andrew, the Patron Saint of Soul-winners

Men the Master Made Study #3 - Andrew, the Patron Saint of Soul-winners Many of us would love to play a musical instrument but not too many want to play second fiddle. Peter's brother Andrew was not the author of a book nor founder of a famous church. He was not a leader in the band nor was he inclu... Read More

Back to Jerusalem

The Church in Action Back to Jerusalem Acts 1:12-26 Change is never easy and at times it is decidedly difficult. Acts 1:12-26 is the record of how the saints gathered at Jerusalem and coped with the transition from sight to faith. For three years they had been intimate and visible witnesses and cons... Read More

Facts About Acts

The Church in Action #1 Facts about Acts The ancients frequently marked the graves of their dead with the symbol of a broken pillar. By this they expressed a sense of incompleteness in the life and work of the dead person. When a biography ends in a tomb often a man’s work is buried with him. Howeve... Read More

Jesus at Home in Nazareth

Studies in Luke # 10 Luke 4:14-30 Jesus at Home in Nazareth "From the frying pan into the fire". You have heard the expression. That is exactly what happened in the life our Lord. He had been in the cauldron of temptation in the wilderness where he faced all the attacks of Satan. Now he emerges to H... Read More

Meet John the Baptiser

Luke 3:1-20 Meet John the Baptiser More than five hundred years ago, in the little hamlet of Ferrara, Italy, a baby boy was born into a physician's home. His parents named him Girolamo Savonarola. Little did they realize that their baby would grow up to be a man sent from God. From his earliest year... Read More

Meet Luke

Studies in Luke #2 Luke 1:1-4 Meet Luke God is full of surprises! About the time we are ready to give up hope, He comes out of nowhere with a solution in His hands. God has surprised His people in history. The Red Sea must have looked like the end of the road for the newly freed Hebrew nation . . . ... Read More

Meet Mary

Luke 1:26-38 Studies in Luke #4 - Meet Mary In all the drama surrounding the Saviour’s birth no one plays a bigger part than the maiden girl from Nazareth whose name was Mary. I know there are five other Mary’s mentioned in the Bible. She was sometimes called the "Virgin Mary" but Elizabeth who call... Read More

Memorable Pictures of Jesus

Studies in Luke #6 Memorable Pictures of Jesus Luke 2:21-39 I am not sure what memories you have of your childhood. Perhaps they are stored up in a family album that you glance at now and again. They may been a time of play and fun. Memories that are filled with pleasant times and pleasant dreams. T... Read More

The Baptism of Jesus Christ

Studies in Luke # 9 Luke 3:21-23 The Baptism of Jesus Christ We pick up the threads of our study in Luke’s Gospel and come to look at a defining moment in the life of our Lord – His Baptism. We already got the overall picture – Jesus Christ was announced by John the Baptist. Jesus Christ was anointe... Read More

The Father's Business

Luke 2:40-52 THE FATHER'S BUSINESS "And He said unto them, How is it that ye sought me Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business". (Luke 2:49). Some who have been to Jerusalem might have visited Zedekiah’s cave or sometimes-called Solomon’s mine. It was from here that the rectangular sto... Read More

The Fullness of Time and the Fullness of Glory

Studies in Luke #5 The Fullness of Time and the Fullness of Glory Luke 2:1-11 On the 28th. July 1978 Louise Brown was born. News of the birth her in Oldham England, reverberated in around the world on television and radio. She was hailed as the "miracle baby" Louise was the first baby to be born in ... Read More

The Making of the Master's Men

Men the Master Made Matthew 9:36-10:5 Study #1 - The Making of the Master’s Men How many of us can quote the names of the twelve apostles Surprisingly, after the first four most Christians get stuck. Their names are recorded in four places in the New Testament and that is not without significance. (... Read More

The Old Time Pathway to Power

The Church in Action #2 The Old Time Pathway to Power Acts 1:1-12 When the Crystal Palace Exhibition opened in 1851 people flocked to London’s Hyde Park to behold the marvels of the latest invention. Back in those days steam was the in thing. There were steam ploughs, steam trains, steam looms, stea... Read More

When Jesus Comes

Studies in Luke # 11 Luke 4:31-44 When Jesus Comes Just this week I was speaking to our good friend Mr. Ernie Allen about the late Dr. Oswald J. Smith, pastor of the famous People's Church in Toronto, Canada. He was a gifted Bible teacher, an effective evangelist and a man with a clear missionary vi... Read More

Wind Fire and Dynamite in the Church

Wind Fire and Dynamite in the Church Acts 2:1-13 Yesterday we received a calendar for the New Year of 1999. The Calendar is a Christian Calendar so called which punctuates the great historical events of the Gospel story. Christmas Day, the incarnation of our Lord Jesus, Good Friday - His crucifixion... Read More

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