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A Short Biography

W. L. Surbrook was a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church. He served as an evangelist, teacher, writer, and as president of the Pilgrim Bible College, Kernersville, North Carolina, and also as president of the Owosso Bible Seminary, Owosso, Michigan. With a background of nearly three generations th... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 1. My Struggle For An Education

It was the writer's good fortune to be born and reared on a farm in the beautiful, level country of eastern central Michigan. I was not reared in a home of luxury and ease, but in a home where, as children, we were taught that idleness and laziness are a disgrace, and that industry and economy are p... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 2. How I Escaped Adventism

From earliest infancy I was cradled in the doctrines of Adventism. Among the first songs I ever heard sung were those of that faith; in fact, practically all of my people for three generations were Adventists. I was trained with all the strictness of the Pharisees to believe that there is no hell; a... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 3. How I Escaped Modernism

Ever since the Bryan-Darrow-Scopes case at Dayton, Tennessee, the Modernists and Evolutionists have put up an untiring fight to turn America to Modernism, which is simply a cultured title for Atheism. Textbooks in the common branches and high schools, that had been comparatively silent on the subjec... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 4. How I Escaped Marrying the Wrong Girl

Marriage with many is a lottery, and few believe that one can be as positive of God's leadings in matrimonial matters as in other things. As a result many leap into love affairs blindly, trusting that everything will be all right. Some seem to think the fact that they love a certain individual is in... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 5. A Rare Jewel

Evangeline very providentially came into my life at a time when I needed her most. All through my many years in struggling for an education I was unable to support a wife. It was all I could do, through prayer and hard work, to support myself. After I finished my university work, a very settled and ... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 6 . Called Higher

While the material for this book was in the process of making, my precious wife and companion, who had stood by me so faithfully and aided me so nobly for the past eighteen months, slipped away to be with Jesus. This is the greatest sorrow of my life, for she was indeed a "Help meet," possessing an ... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 7. Mysteries

There are mysteries of various kinds. Some of these can be accounted for in time, and others will be sealed up until eternity. One such event was the departure of our lovely daughter, Evangeline. She was our first-born (Nov. 5, 1904), and in many respects was a remarkable child. I started to write a... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 8. Obituary

Evangeline, eldest child of Rev. and Mrs. E. F. Shelhamer, was born Nov. 5, 1904, at Cleveland, Ohio, and departed this life at the age of 25 years, 3 months and 26 days. She was specially anointed of the Spirit at the age of three years and at that time united with the church. Ever after that for a... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 9. Funeral Messages

The following are excerpts from the messages given at the funeral by the following speakers. These were interspersed with tears, songs and praise. The Uncertainty Of Life Rev. E. E. Shelhamer Life is likened to several things: To a vapor that appears for a moment -- then it is gone; to the waving gr... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 10. A Vision of Heaven -- By A Student

On Thursday evening after Mrs. Surbrook was laid to rest, I felt so lonely, and missed her very much. She had been such a blessing to me! When I was sad, oppressed by Satan, or going through a disappointment, she always had a word of cheer, or time to help me. She lived for others. I retired for the... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 11. Evangeline's Bible and Diary -- By Her Mother

After Evangeline had slipped away to Heaven, we picked up her beloved Bible and a pang of remorse seized us as we noticed its worn appearance. The cover was loose and the leaves were frayed. Her noble husband and devoted father both spoke up and said almost simultaneously, "I offered to get her a ne... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 12. Notes From Her Diary

In rummaging through a trunk yesterday I found a small diary which gives glimpses of Evangeline's heart life. In it she describes part of her itinerary of evangelism with her beloved father and with others. She speaks of the summer she insisted on staying at home with little Esther (then about eight... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 13. Her Brother's Poem

To Evangeline In Heaven Everette S. Shelhamer And can it be, oh, can it be, My sister sweet, my own, That thou hast sailed across the sea From the isle of Time to Eternity, And left me all alone? And left me all alone! alone!! Alone on a desert isle; And thou beyond the bar hast gone Into a golden r... Read More

Stirring Experiences: 14. Tributes From Prominent People

That it may be clear that I am unbiased in my conception of her saintliness, permit me to quote from the pen of some who knew her well. My very dear Brother Surbrook: We have just learned of your great sorrow, and are shocked beyond expression. We informed the congregation yesterday and called the c... Read More

A King's Banquet: Warned, Weighed, Wanting

Text: "Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." -- Daniel 5:27. My text is God's last message to a man who had had light and walked over it, God's final message to a man who had seen Jehovah's dealings in his own family, but ignored them. This man as utterly disregarded his k... Read More

Characteristics of Sonship

Text: "Lord. teach us to pray." -- Luke 11:1. My text is a request. You will no doubt desire, long for, and yearn after many things in life that you will never receive. If you were to receive an answer to some of your requests, it would, perhaps, not be any special hindrance to you, and yet it would... Read More

God Gives Men Time to Repent

Text: "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." -- Heb. 9:27. God has made some appointments and He never fails to keep them. In the beginning He appointed the earth, the third planet out from the sun in our Solar System, for man. He started it rotating from west to... Read More

God's Enlightenment of the Soul

Text: "That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." -John 1:9. The late Doctor Godbey said that every child who is born into this world is born with his back toward God. He stated that that child travels away from God, day after day, until he reaches the years of ac... Read More

Spiritual Diagnosis

Text: "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves, how ye not your own selves, bow that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?" -- II Cor. 13:5. In case you are suffering from physical illness or a nervous breakdown, you are not safe during that time to conduct a... Read More

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