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Wesley L. Duewel

Wesley Duewel (1916 - 2016)

Dr. Wesley Duewel has given himself to the cause of missions for the past 68 years. Following ministry in India for nearly 25 years, he served as president of One Mission Society (1969-1982). He is now President Emeritus and special assistant to the president for evangelism and intercession. His writings on the Holy Spirit, revival, and soul winning call God’s people back to prayer, the source of all power and passion for ministry. His hundreds of poems and all of his books express his hunger and passion. His book Touch the World Through Prayer, published in 1986, is now in its 36th printing. Later books, Let God Guide You Daily; Ablaze for God; Mighty Prevailing Prayer; Measure Your Life; God’s Great Salvation; Revival Fire; God’s Power Is for You; More God, More Power; and his latest book, Heroes of the Holy Life, are also widely acclaimed. Nearly 2.5 million of his books are now in circulation in 58 languages or national editions around the world. Several international editions are also in process.

Recognized as an authority on missions, Dr. Duewel served for 16 years on the board of directors of the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies of which he was president from 1969-1972, 19 years on the North American Board of the World Evangelical Fellowship, 20 years on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a life trustee of Asbury Theological Seminary. During his years in India, Dr. Duewel followed closely the development of postwar independent India. He was prominent in leadership of the North India Christian Literature Society, as well as the Bible Society of India. He helped spearhead the Evangelical Fellowship of India and was serving as its president when he was transferred from India.

Wesley Duewel, is a former president of OMS International. A missionary to India for 25 years, Dr. Duewel is also the author of Ablaze for God, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, More God, More Power, and Revival Fire.
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Wesley L. Duewel

Fascinated with Jesus

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Wesley L. Duewel

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