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Of Contentedness. What It Is. The Grounds of Contentedness.

Contentedness is a satisfaction of the mind concerning the sufficiency and fitness of one's present condition. This general matter of contentedness, a satisfaction of mind, doth not only put a distinguishing difference betwixt contentedness and covetousness, but also sheweth that they are diametrica... Read More

Of Examination of a Man's Self About Covetousness

Covetousness being such a sin, as hath been declared, in the nature, practice, and heinousness of it, it nearly concerns every Christian to consider how far it hath seized on him, and how guilty he stands thereof. This duty lieth on every one in these especial respects: 1. Covetousness doth especial... Read More

Of Over-Rash Censuring Others of Covetousness

Covetousness being a heinous sin, and exceedingly disgraceful to the profession of the true faith, we ought to be very tender about laying it to the charge of professors. It cannot be denied but that many professors are too guilty thereof: yet withal it cannot be denied but that many others are too ... Read More

Of Remedies Against Covetousness

For preventing or redressing covetousness, these rules following are to be observed: 1. The judgment must rightly be informed in these two points- (1.) In the nature of true happiness. (2.) In the vanity and deceitfulness of riches. Many learned men lack this point of understanding. It is the blindn... Read More

Of Rules to Find Out Covetousness

It is in vain for any to search after that which he knows not how to find out. God himself having exhorted Joshua and the elders of Israel to search out the accursed thing that was hid in the camp, gave him advice and direction how to do it, Josh. vii. 13, 14. I hold it meet, therefore, here to add ... Read More

Of the Heinousness of Covetousness

There are many circumstances concerning covetousness which do much aggravate the heinousness thereof; for, 1. It is a deceiving sin; it blinds the understanding and corrupts the judgment in a main point of happiness: for the covetous man 'maketh gold his hope, and fine gold his confidence,' Job xxxi... Read More

Of the Nature of Covetousness

Covetousness is an immoderate desire of riches. The apostle implieth as much, under this phrase, boulomenoi ploutein they that will be rich, 1 Tim. vi. 9; under that word, will, a desire, and that unsatiable desire, is comprised. The notation of both the words before mentioned, namely, love of silve... Read More

Of the Practice of Covetousness in Getting Wealth

Covetousness is practiced three ways: 1. In getting. 2. In keeping. 3. In spending what a man hath. 1. When wealth is gotten unconscionably or immoderately, it is a sign of a covetous heart. That is said to be unconscionably gotten which is gotten against any duty whereunto conscience is bound, as- ... Read More

Of the Practice of Covetousness in Keeping Wealth

Covetousness in keeping wealth is practiced two ways: 1. When men hoard up all that they can, though they have enough for the present, yet fearing want for the future, treasure up whatsoever they can get. So did the rich fool in the Gospel. His ground bearing fruit plentifully, his mind was presentl... Read More

Of the Practice of Covetousness in Spending

A covetous practice in spending is manifested two ways: 1. By spending too sparingly and too niggardly in all things, as when men live under their degree and place, when they regard not decency in apparel or other like things, when they afford not necessaries to themselves or to those that are under... Read More

Of Well-Using Abundance

In case God by his providence give abundance, as he gave to many of the patriarchs-to Job, David, Solomon, and others-great care must be taken about well-using the same. For that end let these rules following be observed. Some of them are negative, and some affirmative. 1. Negative rules are such as... Read More

Preaching the Word of God

How Preaching May be Called "The Word of God" The subject matter to be preached is here called "the word of God." Although that which is spoken by ministers is only the sound of a man's voice, yet that which true ministers of God preach in exercising their ministerial function is the word of God. Th... Read More

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