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A Key

A KEY By William Penn "Opening the Way to Every Capacity; How to Distinguish the Religion Professed by the People Called Quakers, from the Perversions and Misrepresentations of their Adversaries; With a Brief Exhortation to All Sorts of People to Examine Their Ways, and Their Hearts, and Turn Speedi... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 1

§ 1. Their Fundamental Principle. § 2. The Nature of it. § 3. Called by several names. § 4. They refer all to this, as to Faith and Practice, Ministry and Worship. § 1. That which the people called Quakers lay down as a main fundamental in religion is this— That God, through Christ, hath placed a pr... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 10

§ 1. Of the true worship of God in what it stands. § 2. Of the true ministry, that it is by Inspiration. § 3. The Scripture plain in that case. § 4. Christ's ministers, true witnesses, they speak what they know, not by report. § 5. Christ's ministers preach freely; it is one of their marks. [§ 6. Of... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 11

§ 1. Against tithes. § 2. Against all swearing. § 3. Against war among Christians. § 4. Against the salutations of the times. § 5. And for plainness of speech. § 6. Against mixt marriages. § 7. And for plainness in apparel, &c. No sports and pastimes after the manner of this world. § 8. Of observing... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 2

§ 1. The evidence of Scripture for this Principle, John i. 4-9. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. § 2. Its Divinity. § 3. All things created by it. § 4. What it is to Man as to Salvation. § 1. I SHALL beg... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 3

§ 1. How this Scripture is wrested. § 2. That it is a Natural Light. § 3. That it lighteth not all. § 4. That it is only the Doctrine and Life of Christ when in the Flesh. All answered, and its Divinity and Universality proved. § 1. BUT though there be no passage or proposition to be found in Holy S... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 4

§ 1. The virtue of the light within; it gives discerning. § 2. It manifests God. § 3. It gives life to the soul. § 4. It is the apostolic message. § 5. Objection answered about two lights. § 6. About natural and spiritual light: not two darknesses within, therefore, not two lights within. § 7. The A... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 5

§ 1. The Light the same with the Spirit. It is of God; proved by its properties. § 2. The properties of the Spirit compared with those of the Light. § 3. The Light and Grace flow from the same principle, proved by their agreeing properties. § 4. An objection answered. § 5. Difference in manifestatio... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 6

§ 1. An Objection answered: All are not Good, though all are lighted. § 2. Another Objection answered, That Gospel truths were known before Christ's Coming. § 3. Another: The Gentiles had the same Light, though not with those Advantages: Proved by Scripture. § 1. BUT some may yet say, If it be as yo... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 7

§ 1. An Objection answered about the various Dispensations of God: The Principle the same. § 2. God's Work of a piece, and Truth the same under divers Shapes. § 3. The Reason of the Prevalency of Idolatry. § 4. The Quaker's Testimony the best Antidote against it, viz. Walking by a divine Principle i... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 8

§ 1. The doctrines of satisfaction and justification owned and worded according to Scripture. § 2. What constructions we can't believe of them, and which is an abuse of them. § 3. Christ owned a Sacrifice and Mediator. § 4. Justification twofold, from the guilt of sin, and from the power and polluti... Read More

Primitive Christianity Revived - Chapter 9

§ 1. A confession to Christ and his work, both in doing and suffering. § 2. That ought not to make void our belief and testimony of his inward and spiritual appearance in the soul. § 3. What our testimony is in the latter respect: that it is impossible to be saved by Christ without us, while we reje... Read More

True Spiritual Liberty

(Condensed from "A Brief Examination and State of Liberty Spiritual Both with respect to Persons in their private capacity and in their Church Society and Communion." 1681) Dear Friends and Brethren, True spiritual Liberty is one of the most glorious things in the World, but it is little understood ... Read More

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