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William Tiptaft

In a sequestered village in Rutland called Braunston on February the 16th, 1803 William Tiptaft was born of Yeoman stock.

His parents "designed him for the Church" and he became a Curate to Treborough in Somerset 1826. It was, however, a year after (January 1827) when divine life entered his soul.

By 1829 God had convinced him of the truth of the doctrines of Election and Free Sovereign Grace. From his new birth to his death he adorned the Faith he professed in such an outstanding manner that his holy walk, his charity and his uncompromising stand for the distinguishing doctrines of Grace became proverbial and he a pattern of godly living, and self-sacrifice.

Both he and his bosom friend J.C. Philpot seceded from the Church of England and Tiptaft built at his own expense a fine Chapel at Abingdon in Berkshire where he preached without financial reward till the end of his days.

Towards the close of his life he said, "What a mercy, my last moments are my best," and later "Thy love is better than wine, Praise God, Praise God," and at the very last "Grace shall have all the praise."

Thus at 25 minutes past one on the morning of the 17th of August, 1864, aged 61, this good man passed to his eternal rest.

He was as a brillant star amongst the cluster of bright luminaries that adorned the Strict Baptist Ministry of his day.

Those who knew William Tiptaft know that no minister feared man less--or God more. He was full of zeal and earnestness--of a most bold, undaunted spirit--and counted the smiles of men as dust in the balance. Yet, one of the most marked features of his character was the sympathy he felt with the poor, and the thoroughness with which he identified himself with their feelings, views and interests. He was eminently--the poor man's friend.
- J. C. Philpot
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William Tiptaft

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