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China's Confession ---- episode 1

A1) For five thousand years the Chinese have called their native land "Shen Zhou"--the Land of God. A2) Strong traditional and archeological evidence suggests the early Chinese were devoted to one heavenly God. A3) The earliest Chinese recounted their origins through oral storytelling. This history ... Read More

China's Confession ---- episode 2

B1) Commenting on the changing political and cultural landscape of his time, Confucius concluded, "The Tao has vanished!" B2) China has endured repeated cycles of devastation for 2500 years, its people never associating this nightmare with their loss of godliness. Today's increasingly materialistic ... Read More

China's Confession ---- episode 3

C1) Thirteen hundred years ago, during the Tang Dynasty, a Buddhist monk named Xuan Zang journied to India, to the 'west heaven' on a quest for scriptures. After studying the scriptures for a decade, Xuan returned to China with thirteen hundred and thirty-five scrolls. Ming Dynasty writer, Wu Chenge... Read More

China's Confession ---- episode 4

D1) From 1840 to 1990, China went through a constant series of upheavals--including the Taiping Rebellion, the Westernization Movement, the Reformation, the Boxers' Rebellion, the May 4th Movement and the revolution. D2) Previous periods of unrest were full of confusion and violence but these hundre... Read More

China's Confession ---- episode 5

E1) As China was emerging from a prolonged bondage during the second half of the 20th century, she fell from the hands of Sun Yatsen, a God-fearing patriot, into the hands of Chiang Kai-shek, a Nationalist soldier-politician, to Mao Zedong, a Communist revolutionary. E2) The next fifty years seemed ... Read More

God And China

As Christian faith has spread unprecedentedly far and wide in Mainland China and as millions of Chinese, including hundreds of thousands of intellectuals, became Christians, a significant issue emerged: Is there a relationship between the God we believe in and the historic fate of the Chinese people... Read More

Listen to the Wailing of the Soul

Towards the end of the seventies, after the trauma of the Cultural Revolution, "China Youth" published an article titled "Why Does Life's Path Get Narrower And Narrower?" by Pan Shaio. Early in the nineties, in the heat of reform, "China Youth" published another article by Wu Tao, "We Have Lost Our ... Read More

The Authority Of The Soul

After writing the article "God and Democracy", I became increasingly immersed in my personal experience with God. However, sometimes when I speak with others, political issues slip into the conversation. The following are bits and pieces of my faith and politics. Rule According to Law - The Los Ange... Read More

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