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T. Austin-Sparks

A Tragic and Instructive Episode

T. Austin-SparksReading: 2 Samuel 6; 1 Chronicles 13, 16. In tracing the history of the Ark of the Testimony we have been deeply impressed with its foreshadowing of the Testimony of Jesus in the New Testament. What a varied and instructive history that has been! In its journey from its formation to its ultimate and... Read More
Principles For The Gathering Of Believers

76 - Chronological Bible Reading of Scriptures

Principles For The Gathering Of BelieversThere is a great need in the body of Christ for consistent reading of the Holy Scriptures in their entirety, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. In this case we are encouraging a chronological reading of the Scriptures. Most of the confusion is created when certain teachers, groups, or... Read More
Richard Owen Roberts

Solemn Assembly

THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY The Sad Fact Most professing Christians have never heard of a Solemn Assembly. Of the relatively small number who have, a substantial portion consider it as merely an Old Testament practice of no particular relevance today. --------------------------------------------------------... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Lose heart (120) athumeo

Lose heart (120) (athumeo from a = without + thumos = passions, desire, spirit) means to become disheartened to the point of losing motivation, to be dispirited or to be broken in spirit. To feel like giving up. To become discouraged or despondent (this latter word means to feel or show extreme disc... Read More
Bible Verses On

Bible Verses On Ark of the Covenant

1 Samuel 6:19 - And he smote the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD, even he smote of the people fifty thousand and threescore and ten men: and the people lamented, because the LORD had smitten [many] of the people with a great slaughter. Hebrews 9:1-5 - Then verily... Read More
Charles Spurgeon

Sermon 307 - Importance of Small Things in Religion

Charles SpurgeonA Sermon (No. 307) Delivered on Sabbath Morning, April 8th, 1860, by the REV. C.H. SPURGEON At Exeter Hall, Strand. "The Lord our God made a breach upon us for that we sought him not after the due order."--1 Chron. 15:13. LET me explain the events of which a summary is to be found in 2 Samuel 6., an... Read More
T. Austin-Sparks

A Right Thing Done in a Wrong Way

T. Austin-Sparks(1 Chronicles 13-15) The inclusion of this episode in the Chronicles of Israel has evidently a very definite purpose; it conveys a message which the "Israel of God" - the Church - has been, and still is, all too slow to take account of. Precisely, it is this. A right thing done in a wrong way can be... Read More
T. Austin-Sparks

Some Principles of the House of God

T. Austin-SparksReading: Psalm 132 "Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared unto David his father, which he made ready in the place that David had appointed, in the threshing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite" 2 Chron 3:1 There is much related Scripture whic... Read More
J.G. Bellet

Woollen and Linen

"Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together" Deut. 22: 11. The path of the church of God is a narrow path, such a one that the mere moral sense will continually mistake it. But this should be welcome to us, because it tells us that the Lord looks that His saints ... Read More

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