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A.W. Pink

Divine Guidance

A.W. PinkThere are few subjects, bearing upon the practical side of the Christian life, that believers are more exercised about than that they may be "led of the Lord" in all their ways; yet when some important decision has to be made, they are often at a stand to know how "the Lord's mind" is to be obtained... Read More
A.W. Pink

God Securing His Inheritance

A.W. Pink"He found him in a desert land and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about. He instructed him he kept him as the apple of his eye" (DEUTERONOMY 32:10). In the previous verse we have the amazing statement that the Lord's "portion" is His people, and that there may be no misunderstanding, th... Read More
A.W. Pink

His Anointing (1 Samuel 16, 17)

A.W. PinkCHAPTER TWO His Anointing 1 Samuel 16 and 17 In our last chapter we called attention to the time in which David’s lot was cast. The spirituality of Israel had indeed fallen to a low ebb. The law of God was no longer heeded, for "every man did that which was right in his own eyes" (Judges 21:25). The... Read More
A.W. Pink


A.W. PinkPRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY Part 2: Progress in the Christian Life Chapter 7 THE DOCTRINE OF MORTIFICATION 1. Introduction It is the studied judgment of this writer, and he is by no means alone therein, that doctrinal preaching is the most pressing need of the churches today. During the past fifty years ... Read More
A.W. Pink

PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY Part 4: God’s Best in the Christian Life Chapter 13 ENJOYING GOD’S BEST

A.W. PinkPRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY Part 4: God’s Best in the Christian Life Chapter 13 ENJOYING GOD’S BEST Introduction Since God has foreordained whatsoever comes to pass, to speak of an enjoying of His best (rather than His second or third best) and missing His best, strikes some as meaningless if not erroneo... Read More
A.W. Pink

Salvation from the Pleasure of Sin

A.W. PinkIt is here that God begins His actual application of salvation unto His elect. God saves us from the pleasure or love of sin before He delivers us from the penalty or punishment of sin. Necessarily so, for it would be neither an act of holiness nor of righteousness were He to grant full pardon to on... Read More
A.W. Pink


A.W. PinkIn this chapter we shall attempt little more than to point out the connecting links between the Sinaitic and the Davidic covenants. The various covenants recorded in the Old Testament, as we have previously stated, mark the principal stages in the development of God’s purpose of mercy toward our fal... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Sovereignty of God) Chapter Nine - God's Sovereignty And Prayer

A.W. Pink"If we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us" (1 John 5:14). Throughout this book it has been our chief aim to exalt the Creator and abase the creature. The well-nigh universal tendency now, is to magnify man and dishonor and degrade God. On every hand it will be found that, when spiritu... Read More
Charles G. Finney

Sanctification--no. 6

Charles G. FinneyTEXT.--1 Thess. 5:23, 24. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit, and soul, and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. In pursuing this subject, I am VII. To answer some obje... Read More
George Fox

Epistle 320

George FoxFriends,—You may read in the old world, how one family after another, till Noah's time, served the Lord God. And then from Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their wives, and after Moses and Aaron had brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, and that they were come to be a great people, Moses ... Read More

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