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Michael Durham


Michael DurhamDeuteronomy 17:19 And it shall be with him, and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the LORD his God and be careful to observe all the words of this law and these statutes. The fear of God is as a conversational topic not very usual today. The modern vernacular just ... Read More
Principles For The Gathering Of Believers

76 - Chronological Bible Reading of Scriptures

Principles For The Gathering Of BelieversThere is a great need in the body of Christ for consistent reading of the Holy Scriptures in their entirety, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. In this case we are encouraging a chronological reading of the Scriptures. Most of the confusion is created when certain teachers, groups, or... Read More
The Scottish Metrical Psalter

Psalm 89

Maschil of Ethan the Ezrahite. This psalm was perhaps composed on the occasion of Absalom's rebellion, 2 Sam. 15; or of the revolt of the ten tribes, from their subjection to the family of David, 1 Kings 12; or it relates to the Chaldean oppression and captivity, 2 Kings 24-25. In the first, and joy... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Fast (3522) nesteuo

Fast (3522) (nesteuo from ne- = not + esthío = to eat) means to abstain from food for a certain length of time. Fasting consisted of abstinence from food to express dependence on God and submission to His will. Other Resources: Fast, Fasting - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Webs... Read More
J.G. Bellet

The Parable of the Cedar and the Two Eagles

Ezekiel 17. Discipline preserves us for future blessing, but it does not exalt us in this present world. Connected with this thought, let us read this parable. This cedar is Judah, or the house of David; the two eagles are the king of Babylon and the king of Egypt. This cedar had incurred the discip... Read More

Group of Brands