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A.W. Pink


A.W. PinkTHE DOCTRINE OF RECONCILIATION Chapter 1 Its Distinctions Before taking up our subject in a positive and constructive manner it seems advisable that we should endeavor to remove a misapprehension under which a number of our readers are laboring, and which requires to be cleared up before they will b... Read More
A.W. Pink


A.W. PinkTHE DOCTRINE OF REVELATION Chapter 8 THE HOLY BIBLE DECLARES IT COMES FROM GOD HIMSELF We have presented a portion of that abundant evidence which makes it unmistakably manifest that God has given us a clear revelation of Himself in creation, in the constitution of man (physical, mental, and moral),... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Necessity of the Redeemer's Return

A.W. PinkThe Redeemer’s Return THE NECESSITY OF THE REDEEMER’S RETURN Chapter 1 "We have also a more sure Word of Prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the Day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts" 2 Pet. 1:19 Is there any real need for C... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Parable of the Treasure

A.W. PinkThe Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13 Chapter 5: THE PARABLE OF THE HID TREASURE. "Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; that which when a man has found, he hides, and for joy thereof goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field" (Matthew 13:44). The common interpre... Read More
John Gill

The Words of David, the Words of Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit.

John GillTHE WORDS OF DAVID, THE WORDS OF JEHOVAH, FATHER, SON, AND SPIRIT. 2 SAMUEL 23:2, 3. The Spirit of the Lord spake by me, and his Word was in my Tongue: the God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me. Having considered in a former discourse the preceding verse, which contains a line descripti... Read More
Thomas Brooks

Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod -Part 2

Thomas Brooks"Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod" or, "The Silent Soul with Sovereign Antidotes" by Thomas Brooks, 1659, London. "I was silent; I would not open my mouth, for You are the one who has done this!" Psalm 39:9 IV. WHY must Christians be mute and silent under the greatest afflictions, the saddest p... Read More
Gareth Evans


Gareth EvansMinisters of the Covenant Levi was the third of the twelve son of Jacob, patriarch and namesake of Israel. It was his descendant Moses, whom God used to lead His people out of their bondage in Egypt. During the forty years of their wanderings in the wilderness, God gave them the ten commandments and... Read More
John Gifford Bellett

The Bride of the Lamb

The Lamb's bride is distinctly the heavenly Jerusalem, the heavenly companion of her Lord, quite distinct from Messiah's kingdom. Jerusalem is the earthly counterpart of the Lamb's bride. In our thoughts about these things, I feel that we do not keep the earthly Zion distinctly in her right place. I... Read More
John Nelson Darby

Balaam- Hired of Balak and Used of God

John Nelson DarbyBALAAM, HIRED OF BALAK, AND USED OF GOD NUMBERS 22-24 It is a wonderful thing to see the way in which, through the overruling power of God, the efforts of Satan against the people of God only bring them out the more distinctly in their own place of blessing. We find in these chapters the connection ... Read More
John Nelson Darby

Deuteronomy 26

John Nelson DarbyThis chapter gives a kind of epitome of the book of Deuteronomy. This book is totally different to all the other books in the Pentateuch; for the people are viewed as in the land, and it is the ordering of them in the land. In the tabernacle service the question was, whether they could approach God;... Read More

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