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A.W. Pink

Exposition of the Gospel of John CHAPTER 66 CHRIST LAYING DOWN HIS LIFE

A.W. PinkExposition of the Gospel of John CHAPTER 66 CHRIST LAYING DOWN HIS LIFE John 19:25-42 Below is an Analysis of John 19:25-42:— 1. The mother of Jesus and the beloved disciple, verses 25-27. 2. The Savior’s thirst, verses 28, 29. 3. The Savior’s victorious death, verse 30. 4. God guarding the Savior’s... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Fact of the Redeemer's Return

A.W. PinkThe Redeemer’s Return THE FACT OF THE REDEEMER’S RETURN Chapter 3 "I will come again and receive you unto Myself; that where I am there ye may be also" John 14:3 It has been pointed out by another that the New Testament is concerned mainly with the presentation of three great facts: first, that the ... Read More
J.C. Ryle

Matthew chapter 27

J.C. RyleMatthew chapter 27 MATTHEW 27:1-10 Now when morning had come, all the chief priests and the elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death--and they bound him, and led him away, and delivered him up to Pontius Pilate, the governor. Then Judas, who betrayed him, when he saw that ... Read More
T. Austin-Sparks

The Mystery of the Gospel

T. Austin-SparksReading: 1 Tim. 3:9; Phil. 1:27; Rom. 1:3,5; 16:25-26; Eph. 3:3-4,9; 4:13. I think you will have recognised the familiar thoughts and words in all those passages, and the similar ideas. Some words stand out, such as Gospel, His Son, the mystery, the faith. They are all common words in those passages... Read More
T. Austin-Sparks

"A Vessel... Meet for the Master's Use"

T. Austin-Sparks"These were the potters... there they dwelt with the king for his work" (1 Chronicles 4:23). "But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand" (Isaiah 64:8). "The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, Arise, and go down to ... Read More
Book Of Common Prayer 1979

(Proper Liturgies For Special Days) Palm Sunday

When circumstances permit, the congregation may gather at a place apart from the church, so that all may go into the church in procession. The branches of palm or of other trees or shrubs to be carried in the procession may be distributed to the people before the service, or after the prayer of bles... Read More
John Chrysostom

Hebrews 11:20-27

John ChrysostomBy faith, Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come. By faith, Jacob when he was a dying blessed both the sons of Joseph, and worshipped leaning on the top of his staff. By faith, Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel, and gave commandment concernin... Read More
John Chrysostom

Hebrews 11:37-12:3

John ChrysostomThey wandered about in sheep-skins, and goat-skins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented (of whom this world was not worthy); wandering in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens, and caves of the earth. 1. At all times indeed, but especially then when I reflect upon the achievements of the saints, ... Read More
John Chrysostom

Homily 23 on the Acts of the Apostles

John ChrysostomActs X. 23, 24 Then called he them in, and lodged them. And on the morrow Peter went away with them, and certain brethren from Joppa accompanied him. And the morrow after they entered into Cæsarea. And Cornelius waited for them, and had called together his kinsmen and near friends. He called them in... Read More
John Chrysostom

Homily 27 on Romans

John ChrysostomRom. XIV. 25-27 Now to Him that is of power to establish you according to my Gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but now is made manifest, and (manuscripts τε which Sav. omits) by the Scriptures of the Pro... Read More

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