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A.W. Pink

The Antichrist Chapter 13 BABYLON AND THE ANTICHRIST.

A.W. PinkThe Antichrist Chapter 13 BABYLON AND THE ANTICHRIST. We arrive now at a branch of our subject upon which the Lord’s people are in evident need of instruction: they have less light here than on most prophetic themes. And perhaps we should not be surprised at this. The very name Babylon means confusi... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Antichrist Chapter 6 THE DOOM OF THE ANTICHRIST.

A.W. PinkThe Antichrist Chapter 6 THE DOOM OF THE ANTICHRIST. If there is a measure of difficulty attending the placing and elucidation of some of the prophecies which depict the various phases and stages of the Antichrist’s career, the cloud lifts as the end is neared. And this is in full accord with many o... Read More
A.W. Pink

The Sovereignty of God) Chapter Eight - Sovereignty And Human Responsibility

A.W. Pink"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God" (Rom. 14:12). In our last chapter we considered at some length the much debated and difficult question of the human will. We have shown that the will of the natural man is neither Sovereign nor free but, instead, a servant and slave. We ... Read More
Chuck Smith

Keep Yourself in the Love of God

Chuck SmithJude exhorts us: "Keep yourselves in the love of God" (v. 21). This seems like a strange injunction. If you don't read the entire context, you could easily misinterpret it. How can we keep ourselves in the love of God? Looking back at verse one, however, we find that Jude is writing to those who are... Read More
George Fox

Epistle 169

George FoxTo all the elect, chosen and faithful [Rev 17:14], who are of the royal seed of God, living stones [1 Pet 2:5], elect and precious [1 Pet 2:6], knit and built up together [Col 2:19/1 Pet 2:5], and united, the family and household of God [Eph 2:19], and come to his mountain, that is established upon ... Read More
George Fox

Epistle 390

George FoxFriends,—This is the word of the Lord unto you all. All live in the seed, in which all nations are blest [Gen 22:18]; in which seed you are blessed every way, in your rising up and lying down [Deut 6:7?]; in your goings forth and comings in [Psa 121:8?]. And you have the blessings from above, and th... Read More
John Gill

Of the Kingly Office of Christ.

John GillA Body of Doctrinal Divinity Book 5—Chapter 13 OF THE KINGLY OFFICE OF CHRIST The prophetic and priestly offices of Christ having been considered; the kingly office of Christ is next to be treated of. Christ is king in a twofold sense: he is a king by nature; as he is God, he, is God over all; as th... Read More
John Gill

Shewing the Several Circumstances Which Attend the Messiah's Birth.

John GillThe Prophecies Respecting the Messiah CHAPTER VII. Shewing the several Circumstances which were to attend or fallow upon the Messiah’s Birth, according to the prophets; and how the; were punctually fulfilled in Jesus. From inquiring into the place of the Messiah’s birth, I proceed to consider the se... Read More
John Gill

The Proof of the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes inquired into.

John GillA Body of PRACTICAL Divinity Book 5—Chapter 3 THE PROOF OF THE BAPTISM OF JEWISH PROSELYTES INQUIRED INTO; WHETHER THERE IS ANY PROOF OF IT BEFORE, AT, OR QUICKLY AFTER THE TIMES OF JOHN AND CHRIST The inquiry to be made is, whether there are writings or records before the times of John, Christ, and... Read More
John Gill

The Watchman's Answer to the Question, What of the Night?

John GillTHE WATCHMAN’S ANSWER TO THE QUESTION, WHAT OF THE NIGHT? A SERMON, Preached at a Wednesday’s Evening Lecture, in GREAT EAST-CHEAP, Dec. 27, 1750. Isaiah 21:11, 12. The burden of Dumah. He calleth to me out of Seir, Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night? The watchman said, The mor... Read More

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