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Andrew Bonar

A sermon to children.

Andrew Bonar'There were also with Him other little ships' Mark 4: 36 Some of the little things we do in our meetings with you are imitations of Christ's ways. When you are going away from a meeting we sometimes give you a tract ; so Jesus in sending the people away gave each of them a blessing. It was evening, ... Read More
Andrew Bonar

Development of Antichrist - Chapter 4. His Destruction and Its Consequences

Andrew BonarIn saying so much of Antichrist, it was impossible not to anticipate to a certain extent, what ought in proper order to have fallen under this division of the subject. It was necessary to allude to some of its circumstances in establishing his personality, the time of his appearing, and his duration... Read More
Classic Christian Writings

Our Responsibility For A Lost World By William Young

Shockingly few Christians hear or heed the peculiar, singular call given in the Bible to all Christians. All who are in the family of God heard God’s call for salvation when they weren’t even spiritual infants. They were children of the devil when the call came to repent. But now, since they are in ... Read More
Classic Christian Writings

The Wait of Revival By Stephen F. Olford

"Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient over it until it receives the early and the late rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. "Do not grumble, breth... Read More
Classic Christian Writings

Today The Spirit Of The Lord Is Calling To Prayer For World Revival By D. M. Panton

Joel, the prophet of the coming of the Holy Ghost, held up as the first of Israel’s prophets the immense beaconlight of His coming. But it remained unfulfilled for eight hundred years, until Pentecost. Meanwhile, revival after revival swept through Israel. Exactly so, the advent of the Holy Ghost in... Read More
David Wilkerson

As God Forgave You

David WilkersonIf you claim to have no enemies, I would love to hear how you managed to get this far in life without having a single person oppose you. Surely at some time someone has envied you or tried to wreck your goals or interrupt your plans. And, the fact is, these things are what make someone your enemy. O... Read More
F.B. Meyer


F.B. Meyer"And Abraham stood yet before the Lord; and Abraham drew near." -- Genesis 18:22-23. As the day wore on, Abraham's mysterious guests went off across the hills towards Sodom; and Abraham went with them to bring them on their way. But all three did not reach the guilty city, over which the thunder clo... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Age (165) aion

Age (aion) as implied by the numerous ways it is translated into English (see next paragraph) is somewhat difficult to define. The specific meaning of aion is best determined by the context in which it is used. As a generalization aion usually refers to some aspect of time past, present or future. A... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Alert (1127) gregoreuo

Be on alert (1127) (gregoreuo from egeiro = to arise, arouse) means to be watchful or to refrain from physical sleep. Later gregoreuo came to used in the moral and religious sphere and was used to call for one to be on the alert, in a constant state of readiness and vigilant (alertly watchful especi... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Amazed (astonished, astounded, besides one's self) (1839) existemi

Beside (1839) (existemi from ek = out + hístemi = to stand) literally means to stand out from or to stand outside oneself (and thus to be beside oneself). To put out of position, to displace or to change. To remove from its place. For example Aristotle writes "you won't budge (existemi) me from my p... Read More

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