If we need proof showing God’s protection, we don’t need to look far. Israel, God’s chosen people, has been under His protection since the time of their father, Abraham. If you have read the Old Testament, you will see and understand how important Israel is for His divine plan. As a result, God has done everything to protect the nation from annihilation.

But what about us? The Bible says God will fight for us and protect us as long as we stay loyal to Him. He will not allow us to be ashamed and defeated, because His Son Jesus Christ has already won the war. All we need to do is rely on Him and trust Him that He will defend us and keep us safe.

How about those who do not regard Him as God and Savior? God is giving everyone time to accept the salvation He is offering. If not, they won’t be protected from the wrath and judgment that’s coming.

What other verses talk about God’s protection?