If there is just one central theme that the Bible tells its reader, it is that God loves man so much. In His love, He has already laid out the perfect plan for each and every one of us. The catch is that we have to find this plan, put our trust in it, and go through it.

Unfortunately, most people fail to complete these three requirements. Some people look and carry out their own plans without consulting God, leading to disappointments. Others who discover God’s plan for Him do not believe it and just go the other way. Others still who managed to trust God, are too afraid to go through with the plan, and often turn back without even finishing.

The sad thing here is when you ask these same people if God has a plan, they would say He doesn’t, or that His plan is difficult, or does not make sense. If we really want to discover, trust and fulfill God’s plan for us, we should have enough faith to go through it.

What verses in the Bible talk about God’s plan?