Lord Jesus Christ has risen...Amen. © 2020 LUMEH Music. . Andy Lumeh Evangelist Singer songwriter producer, Tel: Text: 0743 5671 740, Email Andy Lumeh Ministries, Chelsea Black Church, To instruct their Parliament God's wisdom. The Kingdom of heaven has come to me. .ISAIAH 54 : 11...The Lord God have set my house stones in the finest mortar..And my foundations in Lapis Lazuli....The Lord have made my battlements of red jasper...And my gates of garnet...All my boundary stones are of jewels... My builders are instructed by the LORD..And my Household are enjoying great prosperity... .And in triumph have my family and household has been restored. In Jesus Christ name. Amen. .Genesis 26:12-16.. Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a 100 fold.& the Lord blessed him.