This project is one of my freewill offerings to the Lord (Psalm 119:108). When I study to create one of these videos, I better understand the Bible myself. And I want to learn as much as possible about God and His Word. He is EVERYTHING to me. I love Him because He first loved me. I want the name of Jesus to be made famous in every corner of this world. If you happen to discover this channel and can benefit from it in some way, may God be glorified! You may have noticed I turned off 'comments' to each video. I did so to prevent vandalism by enemies of the cross and fake Christians. About the author: He is an anonymous Christian who, in 1988, repented of his sin and placed his faith in Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of that sin on the cross. He believes that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as indicated in the Bible, and agrees with the Nicene Creed. One of his university degrees is in 'Biblical Studies'. May Jesus Christ be honored with the author's life. Christ is ALL!