FATHER = YAHUVEH, "Eternal One"; SON = YAHUSHUA, "YAH (GOD) Saves"; or "YAH's saving-cry"; HOLY SPIRIT = SH'KHANYAH, "Dwelling Place of YAH"; or 'Divine Presence' of YAH glad to be a Youth Minister of... Alpha & Omega AlmightyWind, Holy Ghost Wildfire Ministries: Messianic Jewish, Pentecostal Ministries leading souls to YAHUSHUA in over 25 languages, teaching obedience to ALL Ten Commandments & operating in the 5-fold Apostolic Ministry & Spiritual Gifts All glory to GOD ALMIGHTY. Not named after a man, woman or child We warn of the Wrath to Come & prepare the Bride & Church for these End Times, spread the Word of GOD & share Prophetic Words to all, b/c GOD still speaks today We teach & believe the BIBLE incl the Work and Person of the HOLY SPIRIT & "Jewish Roots" - NO different than the Early Church as in the book of Acts