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0:00-2:59 - VIDEO // Passion 2023 Recap
3:00-23:18 - PASSION 2023 VISION // Louie Giglio
23:19-29:35 - SONG // Firm Foundation (He Won't)
29:36-38:13 - SONG // All About You
38:14-43:24 - SONG // All Hail King Jesus
43:25-50:38 - HOSTING
50:39-57:05 - SONG // I've Witnessed It
57:06-1:27:55 - TALK // Louie Giglio
1:27:56-1:37:18 - SONG // I Speak Jesus

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At Passion City Church, we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song.

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Passion City Church is a Jesus church with locations in Atlanta and Washington D.C.

1. Were you able to make it to, serve at, or watch Passion 2023 online? What was your experience, if any?
2. If you were able to catch some of Passion 2023, what were some of the major moments for you? What amazed you, from everything you saw and heard?
3. If you could serve at Conference in 2024, what team would you want to serve on?
4. Let’s pause for a moment. Do you believe this story from Luke 7 is fully true in all that it says? Sit with this for a moment. What negative thoughts tend to float in our mind upon hearing this story?
5. If you stood on Sunday, asking that people would pray for a funeral- interrupted, and without going into too much detail, is there anything more specific you want to share with the group, so that they can pray for you now?
6. What stood out to you this Sunday? Was there a story, line in the worship, or piece of the Sunday talk that left an impression on you?
7. Take a good portion of time to talk about 2023 and “Business As Usual.” In terms of being a devout follower of Jesus, what do you want to do differently this year?