Guest Bio: Amy Boucher Pye is an author, speaker, retreat leader, and spiritual director. She’s the author of six books, including Transforming Love: How Friendship with Jesus Changes Us and 7 Ways to Pray. She writes for Our Daily Bread and other devotional publications and has an MA in Christian spirituality from the University of London. She lives with her family in north London.

Show Summary: Have you ever heard the phrase, you become like the people you spend the most time with? Friendships are really important, but if we’re not careful, we may become close with people who influence us in a negative way. Do you have close friends that uplift and encourage you? Do you feel like you have a friendship with Jesus? Author Amy Boucher Pye wants to help us learn how to have a close friendship with God to experience the transforming power of His love. Join Elisa Morgan and Eryn Adkins as they learn how to have a close friendship with Jesus.

Notes and Quotes:

“God works through… our desires, and He transforms us through the Holy Spirit.” —Amy Boucher Pye

“God is so gentle, He corrects us even when we get it wrong.” —Amy Boucher Pye

“[Jesus] wants to slake your thirst, and He will.” —Amy Boucher Pye

“Jesus is with us now, here, too and He takes us on this journey of change and transformation.” —Amy Boucher Pye

“We go and grab for the things that are physical to remedy something that is an eternal experience.” —Eryn Adkins

“You may have turned away from God, but He is right there.” —Elisa Morgan

“Love can be very uncomfortable.” —Eryn Adkins

“God has put these desires in us and He wants us to be fully who we are so that we can love the world, so that He can love the world through us.” —Amy Boucher Pye


Psalm 23

Luke 10:38—42

John 11

Matthew 19:16—22


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