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*** Every Monday at 8:30pm Est.
New Testament - The Deep End (Untethered Bible Study)
(Cover to Cover, Book by Book, Chapter - Verse - Explanation - Understanding)

*** Every Sunday at 8:00pm Est.
Old Testament -The Deep End (Untethered Bible Study)
Excellent Bible study of the books of the Old Testament.
(Cover to Cover, Book by Book, Chapter - Verse - Explanation - Understanding)

One full hour of discovering the meanings behind the Powerful Word of God, followed by One full hour of Q&A to make sure there is no question unanswered. You will walk away from this study, at the very least, with a complete grasp of the knowledge and wisdom imparted unto us all within the pages of the Holy Bible.

Brought to you by a very well read Scholar, Educated and Ordained of Gods Word, Inspired and Imbibed by the Holy Spirit, Touched with the Wisdom of Solomon from birth, and collectively over Thirty years of deep research, delving endlessly into the Mysteries of the East, Schooled in the Secrets of the Gnostic, Exposed to the Hidden Things in diverse places, Steeped in Religion, Mired in the Occult, Raised on the Level, and Plumbed up with Ancient Understanding. All this to bring together a cohesive, comprehensive, immersive and clearly articulated version of events. Complete, with a well documented compilation of the Truth, History and Meaning behind the Inspired Word of God, laid out before you and unraveled to reveal our Historically accurate Scriptures, the "King James Version" of the Holy Bible.

God promised to leave us a True and inspired by Divinity, Handbook. Traced from it's original inception at Antioch, all the way through to the present day. This Podcast is a Highly Informed, Modern College Course, a Clearly Understandable reiteration of the Historically accurate Rules, Regulations, Instructions and Expectations of this very Handbook, left to us by our Father in Heaven.

No longer will you have to be unsure, confused or misled, having to rely on the shaky misinterpreted musings of Maligned Ministers, whom are only interested in captivating you for the sole purposes of enlightening you right out of your hard earned money. No more, do you have to listen to the endless babbling of these "One-Verse-Charlies" of the world, who will teach you their "traditions of men" trying to indoctrinate you, thereby making you mistrust the very tool given to you, by way of the inspiration of God, the creator of all things, to make your life easier, stronger and safer, and to keep you on that righteous path to Heaven. Join us, as You can't afford to miss a single second of... The Deep End (Untethered Bible Study.)
*** Every Wednesday & Friday at 8:30pm Est.
(Untethered Live Stream) with Jake Johnson
Chill Stream with Great Conversation & Awesome Music, and pretty much,
Anything else you guys wanna do.
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